Organizing Nora's Closet

June 13, 2014

Keeping on top of household organization is a constant job. I consider myself to be quite organized and even I get frustrated with the time and energy it takes to keep it up. Since having Nora, the amount of stuff in our place has multiplied astronomically. From clothes, toys, furniture, baby gear, bedding, towels, dishes, utensils, food in the fridge- you name it!

It drives me bonkers to see a closet with stuff shoved into it without purpose which is what was beginning to happen to Nora's closet until I did a big organization this week. It doesn't take very long as long as you have the supplies you need, which in my case are rubbermaid bins. I love these things. I use them for everything! My fabric, extra bedding, extra dishes, summer/winter clothing, camping, gardening tools- everything! They are completely air tight and water tight so it is OK to store them in your garage without worrying things will get wrecked.

Here is how I use them in Nora's closet. Because she is constantly growing out of clothing and "gear" we are always putting away things and taking out new things for her to use. I started a medium sized rubbermaid when she was about 3 months old for all of the newborn- 3 month clothing to go into. Since then, I have one for 3-6 month clothing and one for 6-12 month clothing. Would you believe she is already mostly wearing 12-18 month clothing?!

I also have a cardboard box for clothing that she is not yet fitting into that has been given to us as hand me downs, or that I have purchased on sale or at thrift stores.

I have a medium sized rubbermaid for baby blankets she is no longer using, like swaddle blankets and special hand made blankets that were given to us. And I also have a bin for "baby gear" which is the largest one I could buy where I have put all the things she is already finished with such as the Bumbo chair and tray, play mat, moby wrap, Baby Bjorn carrier, etc. Lastly, I have a whole bin full of baby winter gear with Nora's snow suit, coats, bunting bags, booties and heavy sweaters from 0-6 months.

I only keep things out in the open that are currently being used or that will be used in the future. Anything that we are finished with gets put away as soon as possible. I also keep all baby items right in her closet so that I can easily put things away as needed and they don't hang around the house until I can pull the bin out of the garage or storage area. Once every month or so, I go through her drawers quickly and put things that are out of season or that she has grown out of away. It's easy to just pop them into the bin in her closet.

As well as clothing and gear, I have a large shoe box full of manuals and baby safety items. If you want to re-sell any of your baby stuff later on, it's best to keep the manuals to sell with them. They are also good to keep in case you forget how to use something once the next baby comes around!

And lastly, I have a cardboard box where I slip all Nora's special keepsake items as they come in. Anything from cards, letters, doctor's notes, gift tags, etc. gets put in this box and I plan to sort it all and put it in a nicer looking keepsake box later on. Because I am doing a digital baby scrapbook for her, I won't have a spot to physically glue these things into a book, but I would like a way for her to look through it all one day. I'm on the hunt for a pretty box to store them all in!

Do you have any good baby organizational tips?


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