Baby Tweedle- 47 Weeks Old

July 02, 2014

Happy Canada Day! Nora and I are on Vancouver Island with Mama and Heinz Tweedle at their second home in Qualicum Beach, BC. After a couple of hairy travel days, a time change and a few EARLY mornings with the routineless monkey, we are back on track and having a wonderful time. The weather here has been heavenly and there is lots to do! Shopping, sightseeing, beaches, farmer's markets, walks, visits and lots of time chasing Nora around as she explores many new things!

Hangin' with Uncle Nick the night before we left. 
The packing lists and number of bags, boxes and suitcases have multiplied in the last year! 
Nora's new trick is that she likes to steal my sunglasses and try to wear them!  
She went bonkers in the kid's room on the ferry! She spent the entire ferry ride scooting around in circles squealing, pointing and trying to grab at other kids! All the parents in the room were laughing at her and the other kids were running for the hills! 
Watching the World Cup with Opa!
For her first Canada Day, Mama Tweedle, Nora and our cousin Marilyn and I went to the local Canada Day parade and Nora had a ball! She squealed with delight at every float that passed and once she got the hang of waving her Canada flag, she didn't stop! It is so fun to experience things with Nora because you realize how many little things are a cause for excitement. 

In the afternoon, we took Nora to the beach (a 5 minute walk from the house!) for the first time and to say she likes it is a vast understatement! I put her down on the sand and she made a beeline for the water and scooted in up to her chest before a wave almost knocked her over and I came to the rescue! She would have kept going right over her head if it was up to her! We have a little water baby on our hands! She spent the entire time sitting in the water, splashing, yelling, giggling and throwing water around. After a while, we tried to build a sandcastle with her, but she wasn't too keen on the sand. She kept pointing to the water and trying to make a break for it and hardly touched the sand. I thought she would try to eat it, but we were lucky we didn't have to deal with that mess!

Mr. Tweedle has been at home working, but he is joining us today for the next 4 days while he has days off. It will be nice to have a little family holiday with built in babysitters ;) Of course, he has a list of outdoorsy things we are going to do! I can't wait!


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