Baby Tweedle- 49 Weeks Old

July 16, 2014

We are home from our trip! (Barely!) It has been a long couple of days in and out of a hot truck, but my happy little girl was a champion traveller. What a great time we had on our holiday. It was so nice to have a change of scenery and hang out and explore a different place! It was also really fun being with Mama and Heinz Tweedle for the whole two weeks and have an extra set of hands. They just love her to bits, obviously and it was great seeing Nora's relationship with them grow. 

We spent 2 weeks on Vancouver Island in Qualicum Beach, BC where Mama and Heinz have a second home. Their place is 2 blocks from the most beautiful beach which stretches as far as the eye can see in both directions. I'm sure you gathered from my photo dump last week that Nora was loving the water and the sand. After being in QB, we headed to a family reunion in Fort Langley, BC which is also a really picturesque and quaint place with lots of nice shops and restaurants. There is a place called the "Antique Mall" there too, which we spent a good amount of time browsing in! 

A highlight of our trip was spending 2 days with Tweedlebud Megan and her girls. We miss them so much and wish we could play together all the time. It was so fun to see the three kids all together!

Nora continues to change by the minute. Her latest accomplishments include pointing and saying "ah ah ah" as if she is trying to tell us what she is pointing to. She says "wa wa" for water, woofs when she sees a picture of a puppy, says mama and dada and "pa" for Opa or puppy or up. She just loves being outside and exploring new places. She often scoots over to the door and points to go outside. She will happily be held and walked around looking at flowers and trees and plants. She knows what a bird is always looks up to see if she can see any. 

She has got her 6th tooth and now has a good set of chompers in there! She continues to eat like horse, although I may have overdosed her on some foods as she is less interested in a few things these days. She is not yet walking or making an efforts to try and walk on her own. She is quite stubborn when we try and let go of her hands while she is standing. She will have none of it! She will only stand or take steps if someone is holding both hands. I attribute this to her long legs and body- she's got more to learn to balance with!

Hangin' in Ft. Langley with Great Auntie Murmie

I am now only nursing her first thing in the morning and at night before she goes to bed. It's nice having the freedom to be apart from her a little during the day or not have to think about having to nurse at a certain time. However, I go between emotions about it constantly. I know it's the right thing to do- to wean her, but at the same time, it just feels like I'm letting go of a part of our relationship when I cut it off. I think it will be hard when I am done all together, so right now I'm not thinking about it.... :)

Antiquing! Guys, do you like this chair?
My little bookworm spent the whole drive looking at her books. She just loves turning the pages and  pointing at pictures. She talks away as if she is reading to herself. It's so darn cute!
I am thankful every day that my baby is so happy, thriving and full of life. We have such a great support system around us too, with so many people that love Nora. She is such a lucky baby to be so loved and we are truly grateful. 


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