Baby Tweedle- 51 Weeks Old

July 30, 2014

What a week! We have done so many things in the last week... it's good, because it is keeping me from thinking about the fact that my baby will be ONE next week! 

First boat ride!
A night out at Premier Lake with Nora's besties, Caiden and Tala. Tala is 15 months and Caiden had his birthday this week!
Newsflash! When they are one they are still babies!! I remember thinking when Nora was a few months old that ONE sounded so old, and I kept saying "well, she will be one then", as if she would pretty much be leaving home. The birthday doesn't really mean anything, other than another milestone. I've been working on a video of Nora's first year- 5 seconds a day. We have faithfully taken a video of her every day for the past year and putting them together has been so much fun. I can't believe how she has changed even from a few months ago. I am like Chevy Chase in Christmas Vacation, sitting the attic crying watching home videos. I just sit there watching them and tears are suddenly streaming down my face! 

All I know is that I am rewarding myself with a mani/pedi and a big glass of wine next Wednesday, because we survived year one! It's all downhill from here right?!

BAHAHAHA! That was a breeze compared to what is to come, I'm sure. 

We are already having to deal with the issue of "sharing". It seems that our little miss is quite possessive! She wants whatever anyone else is playing with and you are sorry if you're going to take something away from her. We spent a couple of days with Nora's baby friends Caiden and Tala and they are much more easy going than she is... they just play with whatever. She was stealing toys left right and centre and poor Caiden had a few tears on his birthday due to Nora taking his stuff. I was a little embarrassed as I didn't really know what to do! I couldn't keep her from doing it and she would have a hissy fit if I tried to get her to share. Oops!

She has also been quite attached to me lately and a few times she won't even go to Tom. I am not sure how to deal with this problem either. I want her to go to anyone, especially him, but I also like the cuddles too. It seems like she won't go down for a nap easily unless I put her down and she is a bit fussy and unsettled unless I am in sight. I read that from 12-18 months they start to intellectually understand what it means when their mom leaves, of course, the time when most moms go back to work.... Speaking of- 5 weeks until I'll be back! Ek!

Upon arrival, she promptly took Caiden's new birthday book and sippy cup and made a break for it, leaving him scratching his head....
They were hilarious eating together- stealing each other's meal, drinks, grabbing one another's hair, etc. We were dying! 

Mamarazzi! Look at all those cameras!
Ok...don't judge us, but we held a baby race-- we put a Mum Mum cracker on the other end of the blanket and then let the babies go. It was so funny! Tala won the race, Caiden just sat there and Nora turned and grabbed the whole box with all the crackers in it sitting just to her left (see it?) Owen thought the race was a great idea, until Caiden lost pitifully! Haha!

We had a slight scare this week as well when Nora got 2 wasp stings! One just below her eyebrow and the other on her wrist. I felt so bad! She screamed bloody murder and immediately started to swell. I took her to emergency and they gave her Benadryl and she was fine within an hour or so, swollen for a day or so... At least we know she isn't allergic. The swelling is common in little babies. 

Nora is finally making attempts to try and pull up on furniture and she has now, just this week done it 3 times without anyone helping her! She likes to cheers and clink glasses at the supper table. It's too cute! She is such a ham, always loves to be the centre of attention and does things to try and make us smile, which we do at EVERYTHING she does. Sometimes it is scary to think how much she actually knows and chooses to react to. Sometimes she will do something I ask, and sometimes not... and it begins!

When she plays now, she actually tries to make believe with some things. For example, she doesn't just throw things around, she pretends to pour tea with her tea pot, eat with the toy fork, drink with the toy bottle, etc. In the bath she pours with the watering can instead of just splashing and works on trying to squeeze water out of the squirty toys. She still loves mimicking reading and anything with pages she will sit for a long time and flip through them one by one even if there are no pictures. 

First freezie with my friend Reece! 
We have another busy week coming up with Nora's auntie Janine's wedding in 10 days and a birthday party to plan! I can't wait to show you all the things we have in store for Nora's 8 million birthday and wedding outfits in coming weeks! 


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