Custom Embroidery Hoops for Miss Tweedle Crafts

July 25, 2014

I'm so excited that I have been able to send off several custom hoop orders in the last week or so. I've been stichin' up a storm and the creative juices are just a flowin' off that needle! ;)

Check out what I have been up to!

Want to order something? Send me an email, message me on Etsy, comment on this post... send smoke signals... I'm always looking for a project!

Click here to take another cruise through my shop.

My friend Addie just recently bought a little camping trailer that she is going to make-over with red and white. She ordered this custom hoop to hang inside. I just love how it turned out! Thinking about adding this to the shop! 
I received a picture of Cora's nursery which was pink, green and blue. I chose to stick to the varying shades of pink with the pale green background. 
A slight variation from my original mountain hoop- a blue background instead. Both are equally appealing! The mountain hoop is listed in the shop- order away! 
Tweedlebud Lainey ordered a custom house portrait as a gift. These make wonderful keepsakes. 
I had an order for a girl's hoop using grey, navy, pink and purple and this is what I chose to do. I'm now officially in love with this combo! Isn't it pretty?! 

Which one is your favourite?

Remember, see the shop by clicking HERE- Miss Tweedle Crafts on Etsy. 

Thanks for all your support! 



  1. Love these! Favorite is the grey one for Devyn!

  2. I just discovered your adorable blog tonight and I really can't force myself to leave the computer. I've been perusing your amazingness for the past who-knows-how-many-hours! You've earned a new follower. Keep it up!

    1. Thank you Emma! :)) You are so kind!


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