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July 14, 2014

As you know, we are on a little holiday down on Vancouver Island at Mama Tweedle's second home. She always brags about the great thrift stores, garage sales and antique stores down here. I'm going to start bragging too, because she is on to something! We have hit several thrift stores and did 12 garage sales last weekend, too. I snatched up a number of awesome finds!

If you read my thrifting list in this post, you will know that I was on the hunt for a bundt pan- found one in perfect condition for $1! I couldn't resist this heart-shaped vintage jelly mould as well. 
I scored a tupperware marinating container- we already have one of these which we use all the time. I happened to know they cost about $40 new and this was in perfect condition for $2. I also picked up a second set of silicone muffin tin liners (they work great!) for 50 cents and this awesome corelle baking dish in new condition for $5. 
I am going to attend a few farmer's markets this summer to promote my Etsy shop and hoop art. I had been trying to think of ways to display my hoops until I came across these- all for $2! 
More vintage cards! There was a giant box of christmas cards at a sale that had no price on it (or so I thought) so I offered $3 for the box- the woman thought that was funny as she pointed to the price tag- $1 for the whole box. Even better! 
There are some real gems in that box. I am planning a Christmas craft with some of them- maybe a card garland of some kind...

Mama Tweedle's favourite thrift store doesn't have much for kids items as this town is full of seniors. I still managed to find 2 cute things for Nora- $1 each. 
I was so pumped to find wooden embroidery hoops at many of the stops we made. They are actually really hard to find. They are not sold in Michael's or Fabricland. I have to order them online and shipping tends to be expensive, but of course, the seniors came to my rescue in this town! Most of these hoops were about 50 cents each. I also picked up some fabric and embroidery thread to add to my stash! 
This is for me! Cute toque for $1 :) 
These books were 25 cents each. We went to a garage sale in which a woman was selling all the stuff she used in a home daycare. She was closing her business. Most of the items were gone by the time we got there, but there were some great books. I will use these in my classroom. 

You should see how Mama Tweedle furnished her entire second home with thrift store and garage sale items! -  Read about it here

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