Nora's First Birthday Party Ideas

July 07, 2014

Nora's first birthday is coming up in a month (I can't believe it!) and of course my head has been spinning with ideas for a birthday theme for a long time. However, her birthday falls on a Wednesday and it happens to be the Wednesday (August 6th)  before my sister's wedding, which is two days later on Friday, August 8th. We will all be really busy with wedding preparations and entertaining family members in town for the event, so I'm afraid I likely won't have much time to put on a big birthday party for Nora.

I'm kind of glad I have the excuse though, because she won't remember her first birthday and I would actually rather save the trouble for when she can help me decorate and contribute to the ideas. I have been pinning lots of ideas for a flower themed birthday party which I think would be really pretty and feminine for a little girl, so I'm already thinking that maybe that will be her 2nd birthday theme!

For her birthday this year, we will have an afternoon party for our close family and maybe a few friends with dinner and of course cake! I am loving (along with everyone else in the world) pink, blush and gold these days, so I think her only theme will be a colour scheme and we will have some balloons and I can finally put my obsession with tissue garlands to use and try and make one for party decor. That is about all we will do this year as far as a party.

In true blogger fashion, I am planning a first birthday photo shoot with Nora dressed up in all kinds of adorable girly outfits holding balloons at the infamous "golden hour" of summer photo-taking light. I found lots of ideas on Pinterest (you can find all the sources for the following photos on my "Birthday Parties" Pinterest board, found HERE).

This one is my FAVE!
I have been obsessed with these giant balloons for a long time and have always wanted an occasion to have to use one! There are several companies who specialize in making them with any coloured tassels and delivering them ready to go, but you can also buy the deflated balloons and have them inflated yourself as well as add decorations like the tassels.

I also love these birthday crowns which I am sure I can make myself as well as a tissue garland and possibly a name bunting like I did HERE.

From Mosey on Etsy
From Mosey on Etsy
From Little Blue Olive on Etsy
From Little Blue Olive on Etsy
My father in law, who is an accomplished artist and photographer (check out his work at, doesn't know that he is about to make his baby portraiture debut in a month's time with this little photo shoot I have planned! Due to my little model and my creative genius when it comes to props, he will likely have the whole town lined up for first year photo shoots in no time!


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