"The Richard Farmhouse" Hoop Art

July 04, 2014

This farmhouse outside Richard, Saskatchewan (Richard pronounced "ree-shard") was on the original homestead owned by my great-grandparents George and Mary Margaret Florence. They raised five children inside this small house. My own grandfather Douglas Florence was born here, in his mother’s bedroom.

The house was built in 1913 and the cottage design with one and a half storeys was typical of old farmhouses on the prairies.

Sadly, the land was sold and the house had to be destroyed a few years ago. But The Richard Farmhouse, as everyone calls it, was photographed and sketched numerous times. Here’s a photo of the house just before it was torn down.

And here’s a copy of our family cookbook compiled by my mother a few years ago, with a sketch on the front cover by my cousin Patricia Shivak of Cut Knife, Saskatchewan.

So I thought I would commemorate the old house in a different way, by creating a Hoop Art for my upcoming Florence Family Reunion. Thanks to old photographs, I knew the roof was made of weathered wood shingles, the siding was cream-coloured wood and the window trim was green. My parents also salvaged one of the stained-glass windows from the house, so I knew what the windows looked like.

And I also knew that the front of the house was covered with lilac bushes, so I used lilac-coloured felt to create the flowers. Here’s the finished product.

All this could be yours! You can commission me to recreate your own house, or a house that holds fond memories, in the form of a Hoop Art piece. These make great gifts for all ages! :) For complete details including prices, visit my etsy shop, Miss Tweedle Crafts (www.misstweedlecrafts.etsy.com). 


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  1. Really nicely done Katie - it looks so much like the photo and I love the flowers :)


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