Mama Tweedle's Fair Ladies

August 01, 2014

Angela Morgan is a gifted artist from Alberta who now lives and works in nearby Fernie, B.C. She’s very popular and her work is represented in galleries in Canada, the United States and Switzerland. Here’s a photo of the artist.

Angela makes abstract paintings of children, wearing colourful clothing, dancing, skating, going to the beach, wearing funny hats and doing silly things. Her images are so bright and playful that they make everyone smile.

Mothers especially just love her work. One of Miss Tweedle’s friends has four children, and each of them has her own bedroom designed around an Angela Morgan!

Here are a few random examples:

When I heard that this pretty young mother was doing commissions, I jumped at the chance. But when I arrived at our local Artym Gallery in Invermere with a snapshot clutched in my hand, the gallery owner wasn’t very encouraging.

“She isn’t doing any more commissions, because she was getting swamped. But I’ll take your picture, and show it to her, and ask her what she thinks.”

So I was overjoyed when Angela agreed to do one last commission, just for me. I like to think it is because my daughters are so charming that she couldn’t resist!

Here’s the snapshot I gave her, taken in 1994. It shows my three daughters: Janine, Melinda and Katie (Miss Tweedle) wearing their new plaid skirts that their grandmother sent them from Germany.

I mean, honestly. Did you ever see anything so adorable? Here’s another picture, showing how their skirts can twirl.

And here is the finished painting. I love the colours she chose, and I especially like her trademark “confetti” or polka dots that she sprinkles around liberally.

I didn’t expect the girls to be recognizable, because I knew Angela does not make representational paintings. But I know who they are, and that’s the main thing.

I remember the day I took those photographs in the back yard, and I remember how they used to love to dress up, and I remember how they loved to play and dance. And I guess that’s why mothers find Angela Morgan paintings so appealing.

I have the painting hanging over my kitchen table, and I smile every morning when I walk into the room and see my Fair Ladies!

I wonder if she would consider doing just ONE more commission, of my adorable granddaughter, Nora. I might have to show her a photograph and see what she thinks.


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