Nora's First Birthday!

August 13, 2014

We have just wrapped up a crazy, busy week! Nora had her first birthday party last Wednesday and on Friday my sister Janine got married here in Invermere. It was a lot of fun, but I am so ready for some down time. 

As you know, I was planning a cute little photo shoot for Nora's birthday and low key "Pink and Gold" themed birthday party with family and close friends. Well, the excitement of the wedding and birthday and of course, Pinterest sucked me in and what was supposed to be a small family gathering, turned into a full on pink and gold PART-TAY for our little one-year-old. I ended up making way more decorations that I thought I would have time for and inviting about 26 people who we had to feed supper! (many of them were in town for the wedding!)

I wouldn't have done it any other way though, because I like doing this kind of thing. It wasn't really work and I wasn't complaining. It was fun! 

Mama Tweedle in Law borrowed this awesome antique high chair from a friend to use when we have dinner at her place. I used it for the party as it was just so much cuter for her first taste of cake than the plastic high chair we have.  
I made the birthday crown and the "one" banner out of felt and other leftover craft supplies I had around the house.  
The instagram/blog weekly photos were a huge hit! It was really easy to put it all together, too. I just used iPhoto to print the photos by sizing them be 2x2 inches each and I added 12 to a regular 8x11 piece of photo paper. Then I just ran them through my sewing machine with a piece of pink or gold ribbon/ric rac to create the banner style display. 

As I told you when I was planning the party, I couldn't miss out on the excuse to get one of these giant balloons and my friend Jen who I went to high school with runs a balloon business and sent this one to us for the party. I had the helium put in at the dollar store in town on the day of the party. I loved it!
I just used pink and/or gold tissue paper and fabric scraps I already had for the table displays. 
I also made the tissue garland which turned out really nicely as well. I now have it hanging over Nora's crib and slowly but surely we are adding some pink to her room! The garland was really easy to make thanks to many tutorials on pinterest. 
I ordered the cupcake from a local cake baker and they were also adorable and so yummy! It was so nice having them delivered, too as I was running around like crazy on the morning of the party and definitely wouldn't have had time to bake. There were 3 different shades of pink icing dusted with gold decorating sugar in gold foil wrappers.  
The cake topper balloon came from Confetti and Sparkle Party Shop, a shop I found online which is actually a local BC girl who makes lovely party decor in her home. 
We ended up using the balloon as a table centrepiece because I was paranoid that Nora would wreck it! It was too pretty for her to play with the tassels :) We served pink lemonade (spiked!) as our signature pink cocktail drink!
We asked all the guests to try and wear pink and gold and most of them found something to wear. That was a really nice touch and it actually added to the decor! 
Of course, Nora wouldn't wear the birthday crown... only for as long it took to take this pic!
I hauled the pink framed newborn pic up from Nora's room for the party too. It was a little conversation piece and guests also placed their gifts under it. 
All my besties dressed in pink! 
Nora had a riot opening her presents. As they all are, she was more interested in the paper!
She was TOTALLY spoiled! I asked for NO GIFTS and everyone brought elaborate and expensive gifts... First runners from my friend Cara.  
Her first baby doll from her Gran and Papa (Tom's parents). 
Dinner on the deck with both grandmothers. 
Her first taste of cupcake!

We actually did 2 photo shoots with Nora. My father in law did one with her and then my friend Kelsey also wanted a turn behind the camera with our little doll. They both got some beautiful pictures and I don't know how I am going to chose my favourites. 
The last thing we did at the party was show the video I made of Nora's first year. I filmed (more than!) at least 5 seconds a day for the last year with my iPhone and put them all together into an iMovie. It is about 28 minutes long because 5 seconds a day adds up, but I love it and it's a great keepsake. She has changed so much! More than one person had tears in their eyes watching Nora hit all the milestones and seeing all the love she has brought us over the past year. 

Now... on to thinking about her SECOND birthday party?!?! 


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  1. Katie, you did a beautiful job! Is there any way I can see the video of the first year of her life? !:)


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