The Tweedle's Deck Makeover

August 18, 2014

Mr. Tweedle and I have a dream that one day we will have a lovely outdoor living space with huge umbrellas, awesome outdoor furniture and giant flower pots overflowing with well taken care of flowers and herbs. However, with limited resources at the moment, and the fact that we don't even own a house... we have to make do with what we have!

As you know, we live in Nana Tweedle's basement and we share the deck and yard with her. It's a pretty darn good deal, because she pretty much lets us do what we want with the yard, as she doesn't really garden anymore. We have a nice vegetable garden and lots of flowers planted as well as a pretty sweet little container herb garden on the deck.

This year, the deck chairs were on their last legs which you can read about in this post (recovering the fabric). I took care of that little job first, which was fairly quick and easy. We also painted the deck, which was also quite quick and easy- 2 coats, 2 days, 2 hours! The deck had been previously stained with a really ugly orangish colour and it was chipping and weathered. It probably should have been re-stained long ago, but until now we didn't really care! ;)

Here is the deck before, with the first coat of stain going on the railings. We chose a lighter beige paint colour as the deck gets afternoon sun and it gets quite hot back there. We couldn't go with a clear coat of wood stain as the old stain needed to be covered with a solid colour.

And here is the "after", although apparently all I do is take pictures of Nora (have you noticed?) so I don't have one of the whole picture. But you can catch the drift here....

As well as the chairs and the stain, we also redid an old patio table that was given to us by Tom's parents. It was pretty sad looking, although it had belonged to Tom's grandmother and it has some character, so we didn't want to get rid of it. A whole new patio set wasn't really in the budget either... The table top from the table was pretty well unusable as it was cracked and chipped. We decided to paint the wrought iron a bright and fun colour, recover the seats and Mr. Tweeds was going to build a wood top for the table.

We had to sand the metal before painting and we ended up using my fave turquoise colour. It doesn't really go with my fabric for the deck chairs, but we were going for the bright, colourful and eclectic look for the deck. 

I just used some plain yellow outdoor fabric for the seat cushions. I removed the old fabric, roughly cut a new circle to fit and stapled it tightly around the existing foam and seat. 

The tabletop ended up being a lot easier than we thought it was going to be! Both Mr. Tweedle and I spent a lot of time looking up how to build a wooden patio table and realized it was going to be a lot of work. There are many good tutorials on the web, but none that were an afternoon project for cheap. Thankfully, we ended up being given an old round kitchen table top for free that fit the table perfectly! I wish I had taken a picture of the before... Mr. Tweedle just unscrewed the edge pieces of the existing table top, sanded, varnished and drilled an umbrella hole in it and then reinforced the underside with some plywood we had laying around and voila! We have a really nice new wooden patio table top!

My only wish is that I would have bought a red umbrella instead of a blue one. I bought this umbrella at Superstore in the spring and they came in red, black and blue. I didn't have my deck chair fabric with me and thought the blue would match the deck chairs better, but it is the wrong colour. Oh well, like I said, we are going with the colourful eclectic look and I think we achieved it!

The last thing I bought for the deck was a small outdoor rug for Nora to play on. It has had a lot of use so far and it's nice because I don't have to worry about her catching her pants on a nail or getting a sliver. 

We love spending time out here, enjoying a cold one, BBQ'ing and hanging out! I'm happy with our small, colourful and comfortable outdoor living space!


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  1. Love the colours for the patio set makeover! Nice work Tweedles!! You're just so darn crafty!!!


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