Tweedlebud Breanna's DIY Polka Dot Book Baskets

August 04, 2014

Well hello there everybody!

My name is Breanna from Up Up and Away and writing whatever seems to come to mind is my game. Miss Tweedle has so graciously allowed me to take over her blog for the day and become a new Tweedlebud(!!) so I hope you enjoy the DIY project I have in store for you!

But first a little about me...

I am a proud Air Force wife who currently does nothing but sit at home, blog, cook, garden, coupon, do arts and crafts, make sarcastic remarks, rub my dog's belly and whatever else I can do to suck up some time. In other words we moved right before finding out I was pregnant and therefore couldn't find a job because people don't really hire preggy people. I used to also drink a lot of wine while crafting but being knocked up squashed that habit pretty quickly - I will say it's nice not having as many 'crafting accidents' anymore though.

^^ That's me and the hubsters in case you couldn't already guess

So anyway, let's move onto the good stuff and learn how to make some awfully cute polka dot hanging book baskets!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

For three months now I've been looking every where for the perfect bookshelf for our nursery, however everything I found was just too big for the little space that we have available. What is a crafty girl to do? Make her own hanging bookshelves of course!


- any number and size of  rectangular woven baskets (I used CD/media baskets from Target)
- large gauge floral wire
- wire cutters
- a disposable plate
- acrylic paint
- round sponge paint brush
- small paint brush (not pictured)

Begin by putting some of your paint onto the disposable plate and dip the round sponge paint brush into it. Press the round sponge firmly onto one of the sides of the basket and repeat until that side is polka dotted to your liking. (yes, polka dotted is a technical term) Use the small paint brush to fill in any empty areas in your dots. You will have a lot of empty areas since you are working with such an uneven surface.

Continue to paint your dots on the next side until every side of the basket is done, set aside to let dry and move onto the next basket. 

Once all of your baskets are polka dotted and dry it's time to make your hanging loops. Take one piece of large gauge floral wire and slip it through the back of the basket near the left side. Hold the ends even, twist them together and bend into a hanging loop. Cut off any extra wire with the wire cutters. Repeat for the right side of the basket. Especially large or heavy baskets may require an extra loop.

Hang the baskets onto the wall with picture hooks or nails and then that's it, you're done! Store books, stuffed animals or whatever else up and out of the way of little prying hands. 

Thanks for taking the time to check out my project and Miss Tweedle's wonderful blog! Hope to see you back around my parts soon :)


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