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August 20, 2014

It has been a while since I've posted a Nora update with all the other festivities going on! Baby Tweedle is becoming a toddler before our eyes and isn't a baby anymore. So many changes have happened in the last 2 weeks- she turned one and she is acting more like a little girl now. She does so many cute and funny things that let us know how much is going on inside her noggin!

On her first birthday, she refused an afternoon nap for the first time and since then has done this several times! It is extremely frustrating as I know she is not ready to have just one nap a day-- she is a tired hot mess by supper time on days that she decided to skip naps! However, she also pulled herself up to standing in her crib on her first birthday, so that is a huge contributing factor to the lack of naps! For the longest time, we could just lay her down and she couldn't get up... now she can. It opens up a whole world of playtime in that boring old crib! You know me... I couldn't help but rush to the message boards and sleep books to see how to solve the problem! Sounds like its just another wave we have to ride and I'm going to keep trying to give her naps in the afternoon and if she cries and plays, at least she is having quiet alone time. 

She has become more attached to her two "lovies" in her crib lately too. We put a stuffed owl and a little security blankie cow toy in there early on-- both super soft and cuddly. She would always throw them around when she was falling asleep and then never care to play with them or hold them after that. Now she wants them out of the crib all the time and holds them up for me to give them hugs and kisses too. She likes it when I make the owl talk to her and she goes "ah ah ah" for "again!" We could play that game all day!

The way she has begun to make believe and play changes and advances so much by the day. She plays tea party with her toy teapot and cups, pouring the tea and pretending to drink from the cups. She even offers me a cup to drink from and we "cheers!" She got a baby doll for her birthday and she pulls it out of the doll stroller and lugs it around. She likes taking the headband off the doll a million times and making me put it back on. I show her how to cuddle and rock the baby and when I do, she watches intently and then rushes over and throws the doll aside and climbs into my lap instead. She is jealous! It's hilarious!

She understands so many simple commands now, too. I will say "put the baby in her stroller" and she does it. Or, "let's go get ready for the bath" and she tugs on her clothes and scoots to the bathroom. I'll say "time to put our shoes on!" and she rushes to the door and picks up the first pair she sees (mine, hers or Tom's!) and tries to put them on her feet. She does the baby signs for hungry, more and all done at every meal or throughout the day. It's the cutest thing to see her doing it without even a hint. 

She loves playing with the phones! I didn't even start the game or show her how... it's scary how much she has begun to imitate us. She pics up any phone- iPhone or house phone and puts it up to her ear and then my ear. I pretend to talk and then hand the phone to her and this goes on and on. She has figured out both buttons on my iPhone- she presses the home button to light up the screen and the top button to turn it off again. I just can't believe it! 

She did another astonishing thing the other day, too. We were grocery shopping and as I was unloading the groceries onto the counter, she was playing with my wallet. I turned around and looked over and she had my debit card out and was trying to put it in the machine! I have never let her do this before or showed her how to use my wallet. She has been watching me! The lady at the store said "oh yeah! A girl! She knows how to swipe that plastic!" Ha ha!

At 12 months, her favourite things are still reading and playing with books, playing in the laundry and throwing all the clothes over her shoulder, copying anything I do, swimming and water anywhere and animals. She just loves any animal that we see in real life or in pictures and points and squeals madly. 

She has become so much more mobile since awkwardly and shakily pulling up on her feet a couple of weeks ago. She now pops up to standing on ANYTHING including the backs of my legs while I'm in the kitchen! She has figured out how to get around our whole living room by standing at the coffee table and then cruising to the arm chair, the end table and then the TV stand. She loves pulling up on the TV stand and turning the volume button the stereo resulting in very loud music for a split second many times throughout the day! She understands what NO is, but choosing to comply is another story!

I go back to work in a week and I am beginning to feel more ready for it. The ideal situation would be for me to stay home, but that just isn't reality for us, and so, I am thinking positively about it and I'm not going to let myself get worked up over it. Nora is very independent and she loves her grandmothers and her Dada! They will all be fine without me! One of my favourite bloggers Emily Henderson put into words all the things I have been trying to write and formulate about my feelings for Nora in this post. She hit the nail right on the head! I just love her writing (and her style!)

I have decided that I will continue to write weekly updates about Nora. ( I won't count her age in weeks anymore though!) I enjoy doing it and it forces me to keep a record of all these little things that I would probably otherwise forget. And I don't want to forget a thing! I love to take in the smell of her hair and feel her head on my shoulder, watch her blue eyes dart around the room, see her cute little toes romping across the floor and listen to those adorable little baby babbles that won't last much longer! My little Baby Tweedle, I could squeeze her to death!


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