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August 27, 2014

Our busy little monkey is getting closer to walking all the time, although she has to be SURE she can do something before she tries. I am learning this more and more about her personality, which is funny because both mine and Tom's parents said the same things about us as kids. I was extremely shy and self conscious as a child and Tom was cautious and a bit stubborn... some qualities we are learning might show up in Nora!

She will walk holding onto just one of our hands until she realizes it and then stops dead in her tracks screeching for the other hand. She is happy if we give it to her, and if not, she sits down. She does the same thing with her stroller walker. She will happily push it on her own with us near by until she realizes no one is helping and then she refuses to touch the thing!

However, she is pulling up and cruising on furniture like a maniac! She can even pull up to Nana's full sized piano, stand on her tippy toes and play a few keys!

It was a big week around here, because we THINK we have Nora's first official WORD! As you know, she has been saying Mama, Dada, Wawa, Pa, etc for a long time... but never super consistently or always appropriately. Well, she likes to "cheers" with our drinks at mealtimes and one night this week, she said "DGCHEEEESS!" several times while doing it and has been cheersing and saying it ever since! It's hilarious! I was drinking a coffee one morning and she came up to me and pretended to hold a cup with her thumb and finger pinched together and said "CHEEESSS!" She totally gets the context and knows the word! So exciting!

She has also figured out the word "funny" and whenever anyone says it, she laughs with this fake little laugh. I'll be talking on the phone and telling someone "It was so funny when..." and then I look over and she is laughing. Or anytime I say to her "is that funny?!" she will do it.

First time colouring!
She has also mastered a few more baby signs and loves showing them off. She made up one of her own too. I think it means "tasty" or "yummy"- she will take one pointer finger and pop it in her mouth and pull it out quickly again as if she is licking her finger and then she says "Mmmmmm!" She does that several times throughout the day and especially when she is eating. She always has a huge grin on her face after she does it and thinks she is pretty smart. I'll say "yummy? Is that yummy? Do you like that?" and then she does the licking thing!

She loves to "help" me in any way and she knows the words "help Mommy"-- when I say "come help Mommy," she scoots right over and waits for her instructions. She pretends to dump soap out of the bottle in the bath and then rubs herself as if she is washing. I give her a little bit of lotion after her bath and say "help rub it in!" and she rubs her hands all over her tummy and arms.

She has started one thing that is kind of frustrating, but probably more so for her. I know it is due to the fact that she wants to communicate so much more than she has the language for-- whenever she wants something or is trying to tell me something, she screeches at the top of her lungs repeatedly over and over! If I am the least bit impatient, or in the middle of something it can be annoying! But then I think about how annoying it is for her to want to tell me something and not be able to!

We went on a little whirlwind trip to my cousin's wedding in Saskatoon this weekend. Mr. Tweeds couldn't make it due to work, but Mama Tweedle, Nana Tweedle and Nora and I had a visit with some of our cousins and enjoyed a lovely wedding, too! As usual, Nora was a great little traveller and entertained the whole airport with her scooting!


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