Weekly Nora- 13 Months Old!

September 10, 2014

My little love bug turned 13 months old on the weekend and on her 13 month birthday, Mr. Tweedle and I attended a wedding and spent the night away from Nora for our first time in exactly 13 months! What a treat! Mama Tweedle stayed with Nora and she didn't skip a beat. In fact, she slept BETTER than when we are home! 

At 13 months, Nora is still a scooting' machine, but she has started to crawl on her hands and knees once in a while too. She stands up on everything, cruises across furniture like a mad woman and we have even caught her standing alone when she doesn't know she is doing it. She pushes her doll stroller on her own now, even if there is no one near by and thus, we have several dents in our walls from her ramming that thing at top speed! I'm thinking maybe she'll be walking by the time she is 14 months, but I don't know!

I am still nursing her once a day, at bedtime. However, she has started to drink whole milk from a bottle first thing in the morning and on the odd night Mr. Tweedle gives her one at bedtime. She also drinks milk from a sippy cup at lunch time, but it has to be warmed up for her to touch it. Otherwise, she dribbles it out of her mouth and pushes it away. 

I've been settling nicely into our new routine with me "working" a bit this last week. Teachers in BC are on strike right now and so, I am actually not officially back at work, but I have some obligations to full fill. Nora has enjoyed her time with both grandmas and I've been able to ease back onto the scene with mostly visiting (picketing! ew!) with my colleagues.

She now has 9 teeth which have emerged and another one on the way. She has 4 on top, 2 on the bottom that are fully out, 2 molars are cutting on both sides of the top and one more tooth poking through on the bottom. She still loves eating any and all food. Her faves are grilled cheese sandwiches, pitas and hummus, quesadillas, pizza (can you tell she likes cheese?!?!) and any and ALL fruit.

As I have said many a time, she continues to amaze me at what she understands. I said to Nana Tweedle the other day "isn't that sweater she has on cute?" and she tugged on her sweater and looked down at it. She tries to copy and say many more words now, too. She still says "cheers!" with her cup all the time and she will also say "teeth", "shhhhh" for brush (hair/teeth), BA for bath or ball. She loves to "help" and whenever I say that word, she is by my side right away eager to get her paws on whatever I am doing.

The little monkey woke up with a cold yesterday, so I hope she is on the mend soon and it doesn't last long! Enjoy your week!


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