Weekly Nora

September 17, 2014

Look at her now! She barely fits on that rug! Remember the one she used to lay on a tiny fraction of? She is a giant and doing so many cool things these days. 

Despite having a bad cold all week complete with a nose that JUST WON'T STOP running and a cough, she is still the happiest little thing around. She is so smiley and giggly and is become super affectionate and cuddly too. There is nothing more heartwarming than having your baby actually wrap their arms around your neck and squeeze on their own accord. Before she just had to cuddle me by default, because she couldn't get away, NOW, she scoots over to me, climbs into my lap and puts her head on my shoulder for a minute. Adorbs!!! She has also discovered that you actually put your lips TO something to give it a kiss instead of just making a kiss into the air. She scoots around and kisses everything- the cupboard doors, the walls, her toys, etc. and often I'll look down while I'm in the kitchen to Nora kissing the backs of my legs. She has even grabbed my face in her hands a few times, turned the cheek towards her and given me a big wet one on the check! So cute!

I wonder if purses, phones, wallets, shoes, hairbrushes and lotions are something only girl babies are interested in? Or if she was a boy, would she still like those things just because she copies me? Girlfriend is as girly as they come so far. I swear it is innate, because it is not like I encouraged her and trained her and taught her this way! She loves brushing her hair when she gets her hands on my brush, she squeals until I put a dot of lotion in her hand when she sees me putting it on and when I say to her "ohhh, pretty" or "what a cute outfit!" she tilts her head and looks at me all coyly like "I know!!" It's hilarious! She was obsessed with my wallet and phone so we found an old one of each for her and she now has her own to play with. She takes the old cards we put in the wallet and pretends to "shop" with them by sliding them into the space between the DVD player and the cable box as if she is putting them in the debit/credit machine. Something tells me we are in trouble! 

She is also in love with shoes and socks and she will bring be my shoes all the time and demand that I put them on. If she finds a pair of her shoes, she has to have them on her feet right away and when she gets them on, she smiles like crazy and scoots around like a madwoman! 

She understands so much. I know I have said this so many times, but she continues to blow my mind with how smart she is. (Remember, my blog, bragging allowed! ;) On the weekend we watched some aboriginal dancers at an outdoor event and later I was on the phone talking about it and I looked over and she was clapping, because she remembered that we clapped when the dance was over. I wasn't even talking to her or facing her!! She has also started to memorize some of her books that we read all the time. She loves dogs and puppies and several of our books have dogs in them. When we get to the page before the dog page, she starts panting like a dog until I turn the page! Sometimes I don't even remember what is coming next and she is one up on me!

This is totally a teacher thing to notice, but this girl has mad fine motor skills too! Her latest toy is my button jar and she insists that I dump out all the buttons for her. I never used to let her play with them and then in desperation one day this week, I was trying to get something done and knew it would keep her occupied. She LOVES them! I love to watch her carefully pick each tiny button up with her thumb and forefinger and pass it between hands, put it into different piles, examine them carefully, etc. She is so careful and meticulous. 

She has started to say please, which is just the cutest thing in the world too. Anytime she wants something, I'll say "say please" and she finally gets it and says "pees!" 

We are still enjoying beautiful fall weather and are happy and thankful for so many things! 


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