10 Funny Things Nora Did Today

October 29, 2014

1. "Asked" (grunted and squealed) to go into her crib when it wasn't close to bedtime or nap time in order to bounce and roll around and giggle. I even left the room for a minute and she was happy as a clam!

2. Went into the diaper bag and got her change pad, wipes and a diaper, laid it all out on the floor and then lay down on it and pointed to her bum! I said, "You don't need a change right now..." and she grunted and squealed until I changed it anyway! 

3. Launched her chick peas, tomato, cheese and avocado all over the room when she was done eating. (Ok, so she isn't trained Nanny Diaries style yet... and, maybe NOT so funny!)

4. Spent a good 30 minutes (which is a lifetime in toddler time) packing the shampoo all around the apartment, stopping periodically to pretend to squeeze some out and wash herself. 

5. Got a hold of my box of tampons and "sorted" each one in to her food containers, chewing on each one as she went... (they had wrappers on them, for the record...)

6. Squeezed her baby doll's head so hard they both shook and then tossed it aside in frustration when she couldn't get the doll's headband on. (Sometimes how I feel when she won't wear the million adorable headbands I have for her! Tables have turned....;)

7. Raced around the house naked before bath time stopping every time she passed a mirror to examine herself and point to you-know-where. 

8. Took every pot and pan out of the kitchen drawer, trying every lid on each pot as she went (she LOVES lids!)

9. Licked her finger with a huge smacking sound after she saw me lick mine during supper, and then proceeded to do it 100 more times, each time with a poker straight face. 

10. Pointed wildly to her pajamas when we went up and said goodnight to Nana Tweedle. Nana says "oh, you have your stripes on tonight" and she grins from ear to ear looking down at her outfit. (This is their little routine they do whenever she comes upstairs and it cracks me up every time!)

I could keep going, but I won't bore you with such things! Do all parents think their child is the most brilliant and funny child in the world?! 


1 comment:

  1. Wait until she's old enough to ask a million questions about what those tampons are for!! Start thinking of good answers now!!


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