Weekly Nora

October 01, 2014

Nora is such a ham! The latest thing is this funny fake smile she does for the camera or when we say "smile!" 

She had her first real horse ride this week, saddle and all! She LOVED it! We took about a hundred videos of her squealing and smacking the saddle for "faster!"

All ready for hunting season!
Back to work Mama goes... and Nora has done so well. It doesn't phase her whatsoever. She loves all the different things to play with at Gammy's house-- my old treasure troll collection!
Walking in the wetlands on a gorgeous fall day. 

She LOVES the playground and tries to crawl into and over everything. She spent ages going back and forth through this bumpy tunnel. She can also climb any stairs on her hands and knees now. 

When things are quiet, I know I'll find her right here. My little bookworm always stops and flips through any books. She points to everything, makes sounds as if she is reading them and looks at every picture. 


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