Craft Updates from October and November

November 26, 2014

I interrupt your weekly programming to bring you all the posts I had been planning for November in one! It's mostly just pictures, some of them not very good... but you can see all the crafty things I have been up to!

Mr. Tweedle and I hosted Thanksgiving and I made some super cute place setting cards with mini pumpkins! They were so festive for fall and Nora loved playing with all the mini pumpkins for weeks afterwards!

 Nana made her famous Apple Pie which is still the best I have ever had...

I made some post- thanksgiving pumpkin "muffins" which were supposed to be healthy until I added about a pound of maple cinnamon cream cheese icing to them!

We finished Nora's play kitchen that I had been dreaming up for ages. It was such a hard choice on which colour to go with... I agonized over whether to go white, pastel or bright for days and days and in the end the colour I picked turned out great. However, it doesn't do much to the decor in our living room. Her stuff is taking over little by little....

She loves playing in this kitchen, though and I love that there is a ton of storage for all her toys and play dishes/food in there!

I have LOVED doing art projects with my class! Here are 2 recent ones... chalk poppies for Remembrance Day and painted paper family portraits to go with our Social Studies unit on Families. 

As the photos were loading for this post, I was stitching away on Christmas hoops. It's only 10 days until the Christmas craft fair that I am in and I'm frantically keeping up with orders and making hoops for the fair. 

I made a Miss Tweedle sign to match my business card!

The mayhem that I is my "craft area" aka. the corner of our bedroom floor!

And last but not least, your weekly Nora fix... still doing everything cute and funny and smart all the time!


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