Nora June, 15 Months Old

November 05, 2014

Hello Tweedle Readers! Is there anyone still out there?!

I am breaking my blogging "silence" to tell you that the silence, unfourtunately will continue. I had intended to start back to my regular DIY and homemaking posts in November. However, the break from having to do that 3x a week was really nice and so I have decided to extend my break until the new year. I realized how much more time I had to pursue my many hobbies and spend time with Mr. Tweedle when I wasn't spending 3 evenings a week putting together posts. I really enjoy the blog and I'm always thinking of ideas for posts. I have an ongoing list on my desk with things I jot down that I could write about. But truthfully, the time it takes to take the pictures, edit them, upload them, write the post, preview it and post it, is just too much for me right now. If I could just sit down and write posts and have the photos magically appear, I would do it in a second.

I am sorry for those of you who have been looking forward to my restart! I know the feeling when a fave blogger takes a hiatus and you wait in limbo wondering if you will ever know what happened to them. It's annoying and you don't get any closure! I'm not going to do that to you, because I know the real reason you all keep coming back is to see the pictures of Nora anyway! THOSE will continue-- Wednesdays with Nora are still a thing! In the meantime, I am going to try and post more on my Miss Tweedle Facebook page and I also post almost daily on Instagram (@misstweedle).

Now, on to the main event...

15 months tomorrow!

Favourites at 15 Months: 

- "Fetch and Carry" as Nana Tweedle called it the other night. That is pretty much what she does all day long. Fetches things for us whether we want them or not, and/or carries things around. 
- Toys? Why bother?! The pots, pans, cupboards, toiletries, toilet paper, garbage, shoes, jacket hooks and remote controls are far more exciting. She really has hardly picked up a toy and played with it in ages. 

- Books on the other hand... are still a fave. She LOVES books and still sits quietly for several minutes flipping through pages. She also "fetches" them for me all day long and the way in which she tells me she would like me to read is to climb into my lap and shove the book into my chest repeatedly until I start reading :)

- The Park! At the mention of going outside or the park, she has her shoes in hand and is trying to turn the doorknob. She goes bananas when we say we are going and pants heavily trying desperately to put her shoes on herself. 

- She still loves animals and making animal sounds. No more real words yet. She says cheers, tickle tickle, and ba for bus, bath, bottle and book. But she knows so much more than she can say. She points to even the most obscure objects in books when I ask her, like "point to the scissors!" and she does. 

- She dances with some new moves now that she can walk. She does the funniest thing where she runs backwards quickly and then forwards and looks down at her feet, like "hey guys, check out my fancy footwork!" She also has a good head bob going on and pumps her fists in the air. 

- And MY favourite is that she has been quite the cuddler lately. She crawls up into my lap and puts her head against my chest or when I am carrying her, she will put her head on my shoulder. 

First ponytail!

She loves watching the photo stream on the TV when music is on!


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