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November 19, 2014

I am knee deep in hoop orders over here as well as preparing for my very first craft fair! (Cue nervous excitement!) I have a table at our local craft fair in a couple of weeks and along with the dozens of hoops I have been selling in my shop, I am frantically trying to make enough Christmas hoops for the sale! I am having fun with it and may or may not have listened to some Christmas music while I work already! 

I thought I would chronicle a day in the life with our little busybody for you today! 

5:47 Awake moaning, screaming, laughing, whimpering or talking and escalate said sounds until we finally go in and get her. 

6:15 Smile from ear to ear and lay still for the last 5 minutes of the day while guzzling a warm bottle. 

6:22 Shoot upright and demand to get out of the sleep sack by grunting and pointing wildly to the zipper and then take off to her bookshelf to do her morning reading session. 

6:26 Screech until I pick her up in order to "push the button" on the coffee maker. (Why did I ever let her do that in the first place....?!)

6:45 Time is up for me to be done checking the social media and emails on my phone and to enjoy my coffee while it is hot/while I am sitting down! Nora has now crawled behind her rocker and is switching the power bar on and off turning the lamp and monitor on and off repeatedly. (Note: when baby monitor loses power it beeps obnoxiously and cannot be stopped until it decides to). 

6:45-7:00 Move playtime to the living room and tear every play dish out of the play kitchen bringing me each thing one by to demonstrate with. 

7:00 Breakfast- smoothie, fruit and toast/pancakes- guzzle smoothie and throw bits of pancake on the floor and watch me pick each one up. Demand to get down by screeching and/or making the sign for "all done" while screeching. 

7:15-8 Head to the diaper bag and take everything out one by one, lay down and ask to have her diaper changed repeatedly. Continue taking toys in and out of play kitchen. Screech wildly at kitchen drawers until I open them for her to taker every pot and pan or tupperware out. Carry everything and anything into her bedroom or ours, leaving a trail of tidying to be done wherever she goes!

8:00 Get dressed and time for me to attempt a shower. Some days she will sit happily on the bathroom floor, lately, she screams at the edge of the tub and throws the wet shower curtain around, soaking the entire bathroom and herself. 

8:20 Go upstairs to visit Nana. Carry entire contents of Nana's tupperware around the whole house. 

9:00 Screech wildly at the counter in order to get up and one sip of the half-finished smoothie and then screech to get down again. 

9-10 I try and tidy, clean, answer emails, etc. while she interrupts be every 5 seconds for a story, to get up, get down, poke my belly button, say "eyes, nose, teeth" pointing to hers and then mine, lock herself in the bathroom, slam the toilet lid on her fingers, cuddle her head on my shoulder, haul the dirty laundry out of the basket, find the swiss army knife in Tom's bedside table, or eat the deodorant he left on the floor of his closet. Needless to say, this is why the 5 breakfast dishes I have to do takes a whole hour. 

10-11 Bundle up and go out for errands or a walk. 

11-12 More playtime, singing, stories, fetch and carry, snacks... 

12 Lunch time! Aka. begin the whole breakfast routine of eating/throwing food simultaneously while I clean and offer more.

12:20 Naptime. Stories, dark room, cuddle, song, sleep!!!

2:30/3 Wake moaning, screaming, laughing, whimpering or talking and escalate until I go in and get her!

3:15-4 Carry each pair of shoes in the house into a different room, suck on a dirty sock, scream for the tupperware drawer to be opened, try every lid on every container, hide every lid in obscure places around the house, cuddle her baby, make every animal sound, bust a move by head bobbing and waving her hands in the air, stick stickers all over the floor, carry a ball of my yarn around until it is tangled on her legs, take every button out of the button jar and scatter them all over the floor, find a speck of grass and put it in the garbage, open and shut the bathroom door, fall down in a heap when I refuse the computer mouse, iPhone, remote or keyboard, cuddle in my lap and shove a book into my chest for me to read it to her. 

4-5 Bundle up for more errands, visiting, park or walks. 

5-6 Suppertime and more of the same circus act of trying to cook/get something done with my busybody motoring around!

6-6:30 Lately Tom has been home in the evenings more which has been glorious! We can tag team the last playtime of the evening which usually involves him wrestling with Nora on the floor, giving horsey rides, tickling, stories, hide and go seek or dance parties! 

6:30-7 Bedtime routine and NIGHT NIGHT! 

NOTE: Even though it sounds like I am complaining, this post is meant all in fun. I am obsessed with everything Nora does and I love watching her play and fetch and carry and turn this place upside down from morning until night. I love my little busybody more and more all the time!


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