Nora June's Second Christmas!

December 31, 2014

Thank you all for being patient with yet another hiatus on Miss Tweedle. In true Tweedle fashion, I would like to end 2014 with a little plan- Nora posts will continue on Wednesdays and the last Friday of every month, I am going to post an overview of crafts, recipes, activities etc that we have been up to as well! I have decided that I am not ready to give up the blog all together and mostly, I had several people tell me their Christmas cards how much they still enjoy it, that I just can't bring myself to cut everyone off! :)

So without further adieu, here's the low down from the last 3 weeks!

We enjoyed extended fall weather with no snow and ice until Christmas eve! It was strange not having snow, but actually quite nice because we could still walk to the park and play without having to bundle up in layers!

My little helper caused no end to the entertainment with all the Christmas preparations. She helped me wrap, aka. tore the paper off the gifts, tangled the ribbon and used an entire roll of tape in one sitting. She helped decorate a gingerbread house, aka. licked the icing, ate the walls and threw the candies and sprinkles all over the floor! And she loved the Christmas tree- and that she didn't terrorize! She just stood and stared at it several times a day, the prettiest little sight! 
Santa photos this year were not as picturesque as last year, to be expected. Nora learned how to say "Ho Ho Ho" which she said constantly whenever she saw a picture of Santa or saw him on TV or even heard the word Santa in books or in songs. She liked the big guy from a distance and pointed wildly at any Santas we saw, but there was no way I was going to get a smile this year with her on Santa's knee!

She has become OBSESSED with watching any videos of herself on our phones. If she spots the phone, all she wants to do is look at the videos we have taken and she screeches MEEEEEE (please!!!!) until one of two things happen: 1- we let her, or 2- we don't and a giant toddler tantrum ensues! These tantrums are quite something too- full on throwing fists, kicking and screaming and crying and dropping to the floor. Uh oh! 
Christmas morning was interesting too! Nora was pretty overwhelmed and her favourite presents were a hairbrush, electric toothbrush and a water bottle! She carried all three things around all morning and wasn't interested in any other gifts. She even batted unopened presents away when we tried to hand them to her! Enough with these boxes, hand me my hairbrush! 
This is her "I am done with you people in my space" face! 
She did get pretty excited when we opened this sled from her Uncle Nick. Our little climber couldn't wait to jump up on it and perch! 

Playing with some new gifts. I am in love with those Squigz she got from Santa! They stick on windows, together, the floor, the fridge, the table and even Tom's forehead! (We tried! lol!)

On boxing day we went skating for the first time with her. She LOVED it! She tried to really skate with strap on blades on her boots. She had a ton of fun! 

As 2014 comes to a close, I can't believe how much Nora has changed in the last year. Last Christmas she wasn't even sitting up yet and now look at her. Our talking, toddling little New Year's Baby! This photo shoot was Mama Tweedle's idea- she wanted a "vintage" inspired photo of her with a 2015 sash ringing in the new year with a bell. Do you think we could get her to look at the camera or start still for a second?!  

Happy New Year and thanks for reading! 


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