Nora, 17 Months

January 07, 2015

Isn't she just a doll? 

I just re-read what I had written for 16 months and not too much has changed in the last month. I actually can't believe another month has come and gone. Nora has just in the last week or so started to say many more words and she will imitate and repeat almost every word we ask her to. She said her first two-syllable words this week- GO BA (for glow bug, a little toy she has) and AMMOOO (apple). I was so proud! ;)

She JUST LOVES the snow. It's hilarious. That girl would live outside if she could. She makes a fuss when we come in after playing out there and gets ridiculously excited to go out. She runs in circles and tries desperately to collect all her outdoor gear for me. She has started to "jump" too, but she can't quite get her feet off the ground yet, so she just waves her arms and her face looks all determined. 

She and I walked to our nearby park the other day and on the way she kept collapsing face down in the snow on purpose just so she could eat it! I'd have to take my mitts off and wipe it all off her face so she isn't get too cold, and then she would do it again! She also flies down the slide with snow on it and comes shooting off the end and giggles! I don't even catch her and she loves it!

She also loves skating. We have been a few times now and it's just so fun watching her enjoy herself doing something "real" and grown up. She wants to skate on her own so badly. We have tried to think of a way we can teach her to stand up on the skates on her own a little better, but she is just a bit too young for it. We have to take turns often with her because a few minutes of holding her up and trying to skate is a major back breaker! 

She now has all her teeth through the gums and they have been much less bothersome for her. She is sleeping like a champ and dare I tell you that she SLEEPS IN until 7:15!! Who knew 7:15 was sleeping in?! I sure feels good to stay in bed until then though! This morning I got up for work at 6:15 and actually enjoyed a shower, coffee and reading in quiet for a while before she got up! 

New favourite "toys" are my lip gloss, which is now hers as she goes around and puts it on everything in sight-- even my cousin's dog when they were visiting this week! She also loves the keys, pens, "painting" aka, this water set that lets them paint with water only- thank god!, and anything she can open on her own, which is most small jars and lids now! 

Parenting Nora just becomes more and more interesting and fun as the months go on. There are so many more things I am excited to do with her and watch her experience and yet, being in this moment at 17 months is just the best too. She is our funny little monkey, always bringing a smile to my face and never ceasing to amaze me every day! I can't say enough times how much joy she brings us all the time!


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