The Great "Homemaking" Update
of January 2015

January 30, 2015

I can't believe January is over! It went so fast! But that's good because I am really starting to get sick of the snow boots and snow pants over here. Although the month flew by, looking back, I seemed to have accomplished a few things off my list of things to do as well sell LOTS of Tweedle hoops!

Here's the run down:

My Etsy shop, Miss Tweedle Crafts, continues to grow little by little. The more time I put into marketing, networking with other shops and commenting, liking and tagging on instagram, the more business I get. It is really time consuming, but worth it for each order I receive. It is pretty exciting to know that these Tweedle hoops, that I stitch mostly on my bed or the floor of my bedroom in a basement in BC travel all around the world to adorn the walls of nurseries! Here are some of my orders from January:

I have also been knitting here and there, after a brief bout of "knitters elbow" (what am I, 80?!) I am back on the needles! A few friends and I get together every Monday night to visit and knit which has been a lot of fun. I have been working on a sweater since September and did A LOT on it in the Fall and then just got busy with work and Christmas, etc, so it's been in a bag... but I am going to finish it in time to wear this winter! It will be the first full sized adult's sweater I have done. I really hope it turns out!

Here are the completed pieces of the sweater so far! I have one more sleeve to do and then they will be ready to sew together!  
I knit this little pink headband for Nora.. and guess what?! She doesn't wear it!!!!! It might have to become a gift....?
I came across this book while browsing the knitting section at our local library recently... was this book MADE FOR ME?! I can't even get over it!!! I might actually have to attempt to knit the queen because she is just too funny!
Here is one of my Christmas gifts from Mama Tweedle. I spotted these two at the Christmas craft fair that I was in and fell in love with them. They are the cutest Christmas decor pieces, hand knit. SO much work went into them and they are so well done. I was going to buy them for myself but when I went to do so, they had been sold. I was so mad... until Christmas morning when it was Mama Tweedle who had bought them for me! 
I have had a lot of good luck at our local thrift store lately. People say it is one of the best thrift stores they have been to and I will have to agree. It is only open Thursday-Saturday and the other days volunteers work to price and put out all the items that are donated through the week. On Thursday mornings at 10, it opens for the week and there is a line up of about 40-50 people there, me included! It is kind of a social event and so thrilling to rush in there and see what the week's find will be. I have started to document what I find each week, for the fun of it, and so many people are amazed at what I come out with. I don't allow myself to spend more than $10/week, so each of these photos goodies are all much less than that! 

I have been in a bit of a cooking slump lately! I can't seem to get motivated to plan many exciting meals or try new recipes. Our old favourites have been on high rotation this month: I have made Taco Salad, Hot lunch brownies, Applesauce muffins, Potato Soup and a few other fairly boring recipes. However, I did get busy and make a couple things including this Chick Pea and Chorizo Soup from Jamie Oliver, which was SO yummy!

Chick Pea and Chorizo Soup
Another really good recipe Mr. Tweedle made was from a cookbook we have of recipes from Skokie Lodge near Lake Louise where he works. This was the Skokie Lodge chili and it was the best chili we have ever had! The whole time we were eating it, we kept saying THIS IS SO GOOD! I found the recipe online here

Lastly, I finally got around to recovering Nora's little foam chair that I bought at a garage sale way back in May. It had been done in denim which really wasn't doing anything for our decor and Nora has been using the little chair more and more lately. I bought some fuchsia coloured upholstery fabric and using the denim pieces as my pattern, I was able to sew up a new one in an evening! It looks so much better!

On tap for Febuary will be more hoops, I hope! More knitting, a few more interesting recipes (we are trying this one for chicken shwarmas tonight), adventures in thrifting and maybe some sewing projects! 

Here is my little stash of fabrics I have acquired over the last little while... waiting to be made into something! Don't you love that tipi one?! 

Thanks for reading! 


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  1. Oh my goodness you are so crafty! I love those embroidery circles with the names in them, I might have to steal that idea for Olivia...


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