Weekly Nora- Christmas 2.0

January 14, 2015

We live in a winter wonderland! We are so lucky and I hope Nora never takes it for granted. Last week we hit up our local "whiteway" which is a huge long cross country track and plowed skating path (its actually in the guiness book of world records for the longest one ever!) I skated and Tom skied with Nora in the backpack.  

She just loves being outside so much. She never wants to come in and never seems to get cold and miserable. 
We had Christmas with my side of the family on the weekend. It was full on Christmas morning, roast goose and ham round two. Nora was SUPER into the presents this time! She helped everyone open theirs and ripped into every gift there. On real Christmas, she hardly touched a gift! 
Nora's Auntie and Uncle got her a wagon! 

And I got a selfie stick!!!! 

We put the selfie stick to good use for a group shot. Here are all my peeps!

We were so lucky to receive this sweet hand me down from a local family who had out grown it! Total score!

My rosy cheeked little snow bunny taking it all in. She is so much fun!


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