Weekly Nora

January 21, 2015

This week marks the least photos ever taken in one week in Nora's life! Ha ha! I have 4 to share with you and they aren't the greatest! I have been taking many more videos instead of photos these days trying to capture all the hilarious things she does. She also doesn't sit still and doesn't perform for the camera for ANYTHING. She looks away when I have it out :(((( She will come back around one day, right?

We've been doing lots of playing outside and going to Nora's fave spots like the park and the backyard :) She doesn't mind the cold at all and makes no fuss about getting bundled up in 20 layers. I am beginning to get a little sick of the whole routine though. I know it's still far away, but spring...? Please?

The little climber's new trick is climbing into her baby stroller and calling for a ride! She just barely fits into it!
DIP! That's a new word and she loves to eat anything she can dip with! If there is anything on her plate that she doesn't eat,  I bribe her with the smallest amount of "dip"- ketchup, sour cream, ranch, plum sauce, etc. It may be a bad habit to get into... but it's pretty cute to hear the DIP requests!
The bookworm at work... readin' books always!


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