Weekly Nora

February 25, 2015

These three photos this week pretty much sum up Nora these days! The first picture cracks me up so much! I can't stop looking at it on my phone because it is just so funny! We went to a different park on the weekend and she was going nuts on this ride on airplane and I managed to catch her excitement in the pic! She was rocking and squealing and laughing and it was just too funny. She just does so many funny and cute things every day it's hard to even remember them to write them down. Where do I start?!

As I have said before, I'm pretty sure my child is a genius. We were reading an alphabet book and she stopped at the letter P and said "P!" before I did and pointed right to it! I thought it must have been a coincidence, so just to test her, I got a different alphabet book and sure enough, she turned right to the P page and said "P!" Apparently that is the only letter she knows and also one of her favourite words! She is always walking around pointing between her legs and saying "bum!" "pee!" She doesn't actually have to go, I tried putting her on the toilet the first hundred times she said it, but nothing. She also says "pee" in a concerned voice and points to the deer poop we have in our yard. 

New words are coming all the time. I can't even count how many she has now. She repeats almost anything we ask her to say. Yesterday it was "off he goes!" after I said that in passing about a character in her book. She even fell asleep for her nap, saying "off he goes!" over and over to herself. She also says "oh shoot!" Thankfully she isn't repeating some of the other phrases that mean the same thing she may have heard around here.... 

She is such a bundle of energy, sometimes it is hard to keep up with her. When she gets outside, she just goes nuts! She runs and runs and runs for about 30 min straight and then climbs the playground all by herself 20 times, slides, jumps, rolls on the ground, swings, and runs some more. She is not one of those sit back and be mellow and watch the other kids play on her mom's lap kind of kids! She wants to be right in the action at all times. I can hardly get her to come near me in public places. She LOVES exploring and interacting with others. I just love being with her all the time. I love to play with her, and read with her and watch her run and skip and jump and gobble up strawberries. She is just the best!


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