Big Ol' Nora Update

March 18, 2015

It has been a while since I have written a nice detailed post about all the developments and new things Nora is doing these days. I looked back on my posts from when I was on maternity leave and then I felt bad for neglecting you all over these last few months! Life is busy when you're working with kids!!

Sometimes I feel like I am being repetitive week after week saying the same things over and over- "now she eats XXX, now she has teeth, now she says mommy" etc. Maybe it's not all that exciting?! But then I imagine that I am writing this blog for Nora and not actually for the readers (sorry, everyone) and I realize that she will love it. What a detailed picture I have painted of what life is like for her and all the things she experiences. So many times I have thought about shutting the blog down due to time constraints, but then I'll have to explain to her one day why all these weekly pictures and stories just stopped! It's not like she just stopped doing things, I have to keep it going!!!!

Nora is officially the tallest 19 month old that ever lived. She is as tall, and sometimes taller than most two year olds, two and a half year olds and even some three year olds! It is crazy! I forget that she is abnormally tall until we see another little kid her age and they look like a tiny baby compared to her. I mentioned that the health nurse told us she is likely to be 6 ft. tall as an adult. I don't know how I feel about that! She won't be able to date! She won't be able to find pants easily! These are two very important things that plague girls, you know! I was lamenting these points to a friend the other day and her husband piped in and said, "yeah, but she'll be able to dunk a basketball! She'll get any guy if she can do that!" Silver linings!

Lately Nora has loved to dress up in anything she can find to put on. She even balances her toys on her head and says "hat!" She LOVES socks, but cries in frustration when she can't put them on herself. She is a stubborn one, because she will sit there trying and trying to stretch her little socks over her feet and I can sense that she is becoming agitated. When I ask if she needs help, she wails and throws herself on the floor in defeat and still doesn't let me help her. She is always coming out of our bedroom with an article of either mine or Tom's clothing on in some creative way. She had Tom's boxers around her neck the other day!

She has started counting things which is hilarious because she counts "two, two, two" as many times as it takes to finish. We have been TRYING in vain to teach her other numbers, but I guess "two" will do for now. She also knows several letters now, but they are hit and miss. I have not forced this at all, as you know she loves books and reading and she has many alphabet books that she reads all the time. Any letter in general is "E!" when she sees a letter on a sign, t-shirt, etc. But she actually often points correctly to A, I, E, P and B.

She has started to say "No, Dad" and "Mommy!" which are both super funny. She says "No, Dad" to Tom in a concerned voice, but she also says it to other people too when she wants to disagree. She had never said Ma, Mama or Mommy much at all up until recently. It was usually just Da all the time. However, she started with "mom" which she said continuously for about 2 weeks and finally switched  to "Mommy" which is pretty cute! Everything is "mommy" now. She calls me from her bedroom in the mornings and if Tom goes in instead, it's a frantic "mommmmyyyyy" repeatedly! She has also learned "mommy, teacher" which I was QUITE impressed with! She has a few books with teachers in them and she points to that teacher and then to me and says it.

She says her own name too now which is also seriously cute. Any little baby or kid she sees a picture of is "Nora", pronounced more like "Nowa". One specific Little People figures is "Nowa" and the little figure that is actually Belle from Beauty and the Beast is "mommy"! :) She says some of her grandparents names too- Opa is is "Okie" which we all think is pretty funny and she will also say "Papa" but the grandmothers have to wait a little longer!

She is a BUSY girl. I really think she is more so than some of the other kids I know. When we are out and about, she is GONE. She doesn't stick by our sides at all. She can easily run out of my sight as I am grabbing something off the shelf at the grocery store and she often does this. It is near impossible to take her anywhere and plan to browse or have her sit in the cart still and quiet and look around anymore. She is on the go all the time and/or chomping at the bit to get going somewhere! She doesn't like to sit back and watch anything ever, she always wants to be right in the action, hands on! Her favourite place is the park right across from our house and she would go there on her own if we let her out of our sights. The second she gets out the door to play outside, she is yelling "park! park!" and she is off running towards the park. I have to bribe her into the stroller for walks now with snacks and "other parks" (that we mysteriously never end up at!) which is unfortunate because walking with her in the stroller was one of my favourite things to do.

Obviously, I love her little active and curious personality. I love coming home to her after work and seeing her eyes light up and of course hearing her little voice say "Mommy!" And I love waking up to entire days where all we do is attempt the grocery store circus act and go to the park a million times. A day without her, although really wasn't that long ago, seems so hard to imagine now. I often wonder what on EARTH I used to do to fill my time back then?!


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  1. Katie, if it makes you feel any better, I was supposed to be "at least 6 feet tall, but don't be surprised if she doesn't stop there".....and instead, I stopped growing in like grade 6.haha.


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