Miss Tweedle's February Round Up

March 02, 2015

February was such a short month! I haven't been doing anything inspiring in the kitchen, so I have no recipe updates for you, but here are a few things I can report on!

My etsy shop is humming along nicely and I have had about 3-5 orders a week consistently all month. Just when I think I am all caught up and I'll have a weekend off, more orders come in. It's nice and I've found my groove with it all and I'm still learning a lot every day about marketing and how etsy works, too.

This is how I plan my hoops. I look at what customers send me for details and play around with my felt pieces, fabric and thread until I see something that will look appealing. I go through all orders and get them all ready and then I just go down the list of orders to complete and they are all organized and ready for stitching. I can typically get 2 done each nap time. I make it point not to work on them in the evenings and instead do housework and/or spend time with Mr. Tweeds!

I can't talk about February without mentioning the Valentine's photo shoot again. Mama Tweedle picked up those giant cardboard hearts from a Hallmark cards shop selling off things from their old window displays many years ago. I had always meant to take them to school and use them in my classroom, but thankfully had them laying around the basement for Valentine's Day!

Of course, the only other thing of note this month has been my thrift store visits. I picked up a few more GREAT finds this month, including that little doll stroller which is super lightweight and easy for Nora to push around for $1. She also LOVES Richard Scarry books and I found 4 out of print ones for 50 cents each along with a few other goodies! 

Lastly, one of the things I am really enjoying with my Etsy store is doing etsy trades. Instead of buying someone else's goodies, we trade handmade items and then share pictures of the other person's stuff on our social media. It's a win-win situation because I get a free, adorable product and I get some marketing out of it too!

Here is one of of Nora's new trade items- a felt kitty mask from Opposite of Far. Jessica, the shop owner, makes so many awesome animals masks. Nora isn't super keen on wearing these quite yet, but I am sure she will in no time!
The second trade this month was with a shop called Penelope's Eclectic Closet in which Ashley makes the sweetest dolls from scrap fabrics. She sent up this one and I am in LOVE with it! So much work went into it right down to a sparkly ruffled front on the dress!

Thanks for reading Miss Tweedle! See you on Wednesday with another episode of adventures with Nora! 

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  1. I love those little hoops! They are so cute and perfect for gift giving. You are so talented!



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