Nora June, 20 Months!

April 08, 2015

I'm sorry I don't have our vacation video as promised! I am still working on it. I spent a lot of time with family over the Easter weekend as well as worked on several new hoop orders I had come in!

Life with Nora continues to get better and better. In the last 2 weeks her vocabulary has increased immensely and there almost isn't anything she won't say now. She comes out with words we didn't even know she would have heard before, which amazes up daily. She isn't speaking any sentences or phrases yet, but the number of words she knows is crazy! I can't get enough of her running around yelling and pointing with real words!

When I think about how much vocabulary she has to acquire in a matter of months, it's mind boggling. She is so fun to watch and listen to and I can almost see the light bulbs going off in her brain all the time. When we are reading, it takes a while to get through any story now as she is always seeing things in the book that remind her of something else, which she either has to go find in the house, point to out the window or say the word a million times. Sometimes I think she even surprises herself with the words she says, because she will say something, and then say it again surprised, and then again louder and then again with another word and so on, just trying out the sound of it coming from her own mouth.

I wish I could just record her talking all day long and show you all because telling you doesn't do it justice. It's so darn cute!

She has two of her "own" words that she has been saying for quite a while and I FINALLY figured out what the exact translation is: "So-wee" is "excuse me" and "Da-toe" is "that one". Now that I realized when she is actually using these words and how, it makes it that much funnier to hear her say them. She was trying to move a chair past the table and saying over and over "so-wee! so-wee!, like EXCUSE ME, move!!!! Also, this week, she was trying to get Tom's attention and she was saying, "da, da, dada, TOM!!! TOM!!!" We almost died laughing!

Our typical day when I am home (and mostly when she is with her grandmothers) involves reading lots of books, going to the park or outside, a walk in the stroller, maybe some errands in town, nap from 12-3ish, several snacks and a smoothie, a big lunch, playing with her dolls, moving things around the house and back again, drawing or colouring (she is just gaining interest in this!), helping me clean and wipe things up (she loves cloths- "cooooooth"! and always needs one at some point during every activity she is doing), visiting Nana upstairs and being a clever little stinker 24/7!

She is still drinking whole milk from a bottle first thing in the morning and before bed at night. She LOVES her bottle. It wasn't my intention to get her attached to a bottle and she doesn't ask for it throughout the day, but at bedtime, she feverishly pants and grunts in anticipation for it and then grabs it in her chubby little hands with a death grip until she sucks it dry! We are starting to think about weaning her from the bottle (we still hold her like a baby and feed it to her), but the routine is just so easy right now, I hate to switch it up!

We have also gotten in to the habit of a few morning cartoons. It's nice for me, because Mr. Tweeds is often away when I am getting ready for work in the mornings and it gives me a chance to shower and get dressed without my demanding little friend waiting for a story! The three shows that happen to be on right around when she wakes up are Sesame Street ("Elmo!"), Dora and The Backyardigans. She quite likes all three and usually watches and play simultaneously throughout all of them. All those kids shows have portions where the kids have to talk back at them or do an action and it's too funny to watch her actually play along with it. She watches 1-2 shows in the mornings depending on how motivated we are to get the day going. We had made a deal with ourselves not to allow any TV for her before the age of 2, but it just didn't happen. When 5:30 am wake ups happen, sometimes you just throw on the TV in a fit of hazy sleepiness and it turns into a habit. I don't think it's doing her any harm and really, she went 18 months without seeing a single cartoon or the dreaded screen time, so I think that's pretty good.

This is what she did when we asked her what she did with the Easter eggs! 

When I think back to Nora as a baby, I think about how every stage had it's challenges but also so many special things to be amazed about. Every stage has been my favourite and I wouldn't go back and freeze her in a certain age just yet. Maybe that will come! Since having her, my heart has grown a million times in size. No matter how she behaves or misbehaves she always brightens my day and puts a smile on my face. Hearing her say "mommy" with a smile and a giggle has to be the best sound in the whole world.


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