Nora at 21 Months

May 06, 2015

21 months today! A year ago Nora was turning 9 months, which seemed insane and now I wonder how on earth she is almost 2?!

She does so many funny and entertaining things these days, it's like I have my own personal comedy show all hours of the day! Although, her toddler shenanigans aren't always funny at the time, they are always hilarious in retrospect!

She has just started to string a couple of words together instead of just saying single words, but still mostly just blabbers in one-wording all day long! A typical scene is her going outside and saying the following: park, slide, boom!, swing, swing, swing, swing!, guys, truck, digger, windyyyyy!, dirt, sand, water, water, water!!!!, guys, SWING!!!, RUN!, rocks, dirt, clouds, sky, MOON!, sun, bright!!!!, dark? moon?.....

I could go on and on! She often comes out with all these crazy things that I can't believe she remembers. She loves to bring up the story lines she sees on her shows, mostly Curious George. This week she has been all about the kite episode. George holds a boy's kite and get swooped up in the air holding onto the string. She reenacts this almost daily, running and swooping and rolling around on the floor as if she is holding onto a kite in the air. All the while, shouting KITE! GEORGE! It's just too funny!

She is so full of beans all the time, it's exhausting just watching her sometimes. I have taken her to Strong Start a few times lately, a program for toddlers to expose them to friends, pre school activities and new play routines. She LOVES it. And that is an understatement. The gym is by far her favourite part. They let all the toddlers loose in the gym and take out every ball, hoola hoop and mat and it's a free for all! There are fabric tunnels and big mats to jump and she goes absolutely nuts! I have said it before, but she is not shy one bit and definitely doesn't hang by her mama!

As of tonight, she has finally finished cutting her first big molar. There are no signs of anymore coming right now, but I'm sure they're not far behind. It looked so sore, I wish we could have just gotten them all over with at once. She scared me on the weekend by refusing to nap one day. I panicked thinking maybe she was beginning to cut off her nap, because in the last 6 months, she has been a champion napper, with no fuss going down at all. It was so unusual for her to skip a nap, I freaked out! But of course, the next day was back to normal and has been since then. She just likes to keep me on my toes!

Some of the other funny things she says are:

Supup- syrup
EIEI- farmer
Do that!- let's do that!
Oh ya!
Hopit- helmet
hop hop- bunny
oh wow!

There are so many more that I can't think of right now! We have to really watch what we say now because she has repeated a few less than desirable words the last few weeks! Oops! Tom said "dammit!" the other day and before we knew it, everything was "dammit!" And "tu-pid!" was another one! Thankfully she has forgotten about those now!

Until next week, the toddler life continues... No big deal, just "phoning" her friends, Opie, Ga-Pa and Cinda!


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