Nora, 22 Months Old

June 10, 2015

At 22 months, Nora is still our going concern. She says so many more words and phrases now, it’s awesome to have her communicate with us in a new way. She can actually ask what she wants or tell us what hurts, or why she is crying. It opens up a whole new level of understanding for all of us. Plus the fact that it is incredibly cute and funny!

She is such a little character, it’s hard not to smile and laugh at absolutely everything she does. I hate to be “that mom” that thinks their child is the funniest and laughs at everything they do and then tells you about it a million times, but I think I am? Sorry, I can’t help it! 

Some of our favourites include:
  • the Dora dance- at the end of the show, Dora and Boots dance to this song saying “we did it, we did it!” after they finish their little trip they go on each show. Nora LOVES that dance and she twists her body back and forth yelling and singing “did it! did it!” She bends down really low and goes way faster than the actual beat, of course!
  • “GET UP!”- she has started to tell us to “get up” if we are sitting in a chair and she wants something or if one of us is still in bed in the mornings. 
  • “Pay DOH”- She loves play doh these days and she will sit in her high chair with the play doh and cutters for about 30 minutes quietly playing with it. I love watching her because she talks to herself and makes up little stories to herself. She will say, “sqqqiiiishhh!” or “cut cut cut” or name all of the cookie cutters and then all of the words she associates with those cutters. 
  • “Scaaaaeeeddddd!” for Scared- she is beginning to actually know the meaning of different feelings now, which is really interesting. I especially like that she can express them in words too! She will say scared, sad, mad, funny, goofy, silly, crazy, laughing, hugs and love. 
  • “Oh no!” which she exclaims several times throughout the day for various reasons! 

This little monkey fell off the bed and bumped her head! (see the black eye!?!)

She has been really into baby dolls right now too. I two cute little cradles and some new doll clothes at the thrift store and garage sales on the weekend and she LOVES wrapping them up in blankies and carrying them around. She just wraps them and unwraps them, puts them in the bed and out, on the coffee table, and then on the floor. I actually saw her lift one up above her head, swing it down again and then kiss it! Too cute!

She LOVES singing and music and is always demanding me to “SING!” I have sung to her before bed and naps since she was born and now as soon as it’s nap or bed, she states in a matter of factly voice- SING! She also sings to herself and I love, love, love listening to her. She can sing Twinkle, Twinkle and No More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed. They sound a little off, of course, but she gets the gist of it!

Nora has also learned a few colours and numbers! She can count to 4 and knows red, blue, green and pink. Our car is “RED!!!” and the chair in the backyard is “BOOOO!” She doesn’t pronounce her F’s all the time, so “four” and “floor” sound like “hore” (translate also to a bad word! lol) She was pointing to a little princess toy she had saying, “pincess, hore!” Bahaha! When she counts to four, it’s “one, two, three, hore!” 

She still eats anything and everything, but she has her favourites- waffles, watermelon, apples, berries, mango (which she mixes up the word “Dingo” with, a character in one of her books). We are still giving her a bottle at night and in the mornings. I tried to break the habit and switch to a sip cup and she quit drinking the milk! So, I am sticking with the bottle for now. She isn’t even two yet and what’s the harm, really?

She is our shining star and I often wonder if I will always look and her and think about how wonderful she is and how much joy she brings us. Does that feeling every wear off?


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