Nora June, 23 Months

July 08, 2015

One month until she is 2! How did that happen?!

My favourite comedian does and says so many funny and interesting things all the time.

Here are the Top 10 from this week:

1. Swam with me to the dock at our local beach and slid down the big waterslide with me into the deep lake!

2. Ran through the sprinkler saying to herself "rain, rain, go 'wayyyyy!"

3. Exclaimed "THUNNNNERRRR!" and hid under a blanket whenever she heard even the smallest thump like a cupboard door or footsteps.

4. Repeated "OH GOD" several times after hearing me say it when we made a wrong turn in traffic. (Oops!)

5. POXCLE! POXCLE! on repeat all day every day.

6. Made a concerned face and furrowed brow saying "OH NO! Heavvvyyy!" as she watched me haul 5 bags of toys, towels and snacks out of the car to the beach. When I asked her to carry her life jacket, she said "NO, too heavy!!"

7. Recited her entire Mother Goose Nursery Rhyme book to herself on a long car ride (in toddler language, of course, and ridiculously cute!)

8. Counted to 14!!! I heard her counting her "guys" (little people) and she went all the way to 14 without skipping a beat!

9. 'TICKER!-- she loves stickers right now!

10. And her favourite word of all- MOMMY! All different expressions, emotions and tones... ALLTHETIME. If I had a dollar for the number of times she has said that word... oh boy!

With her buddies Findlay and Luca on Canada Day

Checking up on the house building

Watching Daddy ride in the Calgary Stampede Parade

Beach day with my beach bum!


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