August 21, 2015

I am overwhelmed by so many things right now!

Overwhelmed that my baby is now 2, talking in full sentences and not so much a baby anymore at all,

Overwhelmed with denial that I have to go back to work full time in 2 weeks 

Overwhelmed with sadness that I'll be missing Nora so much while I'm working

Overwhelmed with happiness that she has grandparents to take care of her and love on her as much as we do

Overwhelmed with joy over the pay cheque I'll be getting after 2 long years of much less moolah coming in!

Overwhelmed with excitement that we will be moving into our new house in a few months

Overwhelmed with decisions we have to make about our house finishings

Overwhelmed with the enormous task of trying to finish painting ALL the siding for our new house with Nora running around

Overwhelmed with disbelief that my Etsy shop got too popular for me to handle-- it is closed temporarily while we deal with all the other things going on right now

Overwhelmed with disappointment that I haven't kept up with this blog and have left you all hanging for the last month, like I said I wasn't going to do! 

Overwhelmed daily by the number of things I seem to have on my plate and looking forward to just starting new routines so I can stop worrying about them all!

Overwhelmed with gratitude for all of you that have stuck with me and this blog for as long as you have. THANK YOU!

I am signing off for a while, a few months, perhaps. I am not sure when I will find the time to feel motivated and devoted to writing here again regularly, but I hope this isn't goodbye forever. 

Thank you again for keeping up with it all this time! 


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