Home at last!

January 16, 2016

Happy New Year! 

I am so glad to report that we are officially living in the new house and aside from a few minor details, it is completely finished, down to the last towel rack and baseboard! We got our occupancy permits on December 23 and finalized our mortgage on the 24th. Coming in on budget and having it FINISHED had to have been the best Christmas present ever!

House errands at Ikea in December!
We moved in on December 28th and have been enjoying the space since then. It's taking a while to organize and unpack everything, but feels good to do some purging as we go. Of course I have a long list of things to shop for and we are planning to buy a few new pieces of furniture. We are still eating from our uncomfortable bar stools that have always been too high for the counter. When I envisioned the living room when we were planning the house, it had a large comfy sectional couch in it, which is also on our list to buy and I'd like an area rug for the living room as well just to tie everything together. Hopefully we can get to the city to shop for some of these things soon!

The thing that we love most about the new house is the light! It's the first time in 10 years that we can sit in the living room and look out the window, or be able to tell what the weather is before actually stepping outside. It's so nice and bright everywhere in the house! The kitchen is also a highlight. It's HUGE! I've unpacked every piece of kitchenware that we own, even stuff that was in storage since our wedding and I still have one full upper cabinet and one full lower cabinet that are empty! Yay for storage, storage and more storage space!

Nora's room, day 1- still need to hang the art!
Baby's room progress- I am doing black and white with pops of colour. I love how the vintage green chair looks in there! And, did you notice I finally got my white poufs?! 

Nora has done really well with the transition over here. She pretty much didn't miss a beat when we moved her room over. I didn't know how the first night would go, but she slept better here than she did in her old room. About mid-november we decided to switch her out of her crib and into a toddler bed. It went horribly. As you know, she has always been a champion sleeper and it all went out the window when she moved into her own bed. It couldn't have come at a worse time, as I was run off my feet with report cards at school, finishing our house (painting every night), being pregnant and trying to prep for Christmas. She was up multiple times in a night, sometimes for almost an hour, thinking it was morning and/or having a tantrum about something, wanting me to sing to her, needing a new diaper, etc. It was always something. It was also taking us until almost 9:00 some nights to get her to go to sleep because she just kept coming out of her room. And then she was waking up at 4:50-5:15 for the day every morning! The same thing would happen most days for naps and I was beginning to think she would never nap again. We were both overtired and cranky constantly, I cried almost every day with exhaustion and I figured I would never sleep again! We tried locking her in her room with a child door lock, but she could get the door open and after several nights of battling with her, we ended up tying a rope to her door and anchoring it to something in the bathroom so that she couldn't get out! It was crazy!

The one and only Christmas activity I had time for this year.... 
However, somehow, moving into the new house made all the difference. For one, she can't get the door on her new room open on her own, and for two, we bought a special clock for toddlers that shows a sun when they can get up and come out of their room and stars and a moon when it's time to sleep. The clock has done wonders! She now sleeps until 6-6:30 every morning, goes to bed at 7:00 and naps her regular 2-3 hours every afternoon. I feel like a new person with the house being finished and getting decent sleep again... I'll enjoy it until another one comes along to terrorize me in the night in a couple of months!

Speaking of Baby Tweedle the second.... I am now 30 weeks along and counting myself into the home stretch. I had an ultrasound last week which showed that the baby's head is still up and the bum is right down at the bottom so I hope it decides to flip around soon! I am feeling pretty good overall aside from a few minor pregnancy ailments, but really looking forward to being finished work. Although that won't be for another 6-8 weeks. I have no inclination at all whether the baby is a girl or a boy, but I also have no preference at all! It would be fun for Nora to have either a brother or a sister- sisters would be pretty cool, but experiencing having a son would also be pretty exciting for both of us, so I guess we will just have to wait and see!

I am sorry to report that my goal of having Nora potty trained by the end of 2015 didn't happen! She is part way there. She does very well going pee on the potty, but poop is a different story and there is just no convincing her or bribing her to do something she doesn't want to do. I haven't fully taken diapers away, just because she spends so much time with different care givers throughout the week that have different expectations and daily routines that I think it will be easier to just wait and go cold turkey when I am off work if she doesn't decide to do it on her own before then. At least she is getting the hang of it!

As usual there are so many funny things she says and does now. One of the funniest ones that we laugh at so often is her expression "you genius!"-- she says this to either Tom or I all the time and we don't know where she got it from! We don't remember having called her a genius to her face before, but she uses it for us all the time. It's usually not in the right context which makes it even funnier. Tom will say, "I'm going out to shovel the driveway now" (or something like that) and she will reply with, "Dad, You GENUS!" (she pronounces it "genus"). She also tells us she is "too cranky" to do certain things, which is pretty funny and quite often will say she wants to try something "when I'm a little bit older". She wouldn't stop stealing the candy canes off the Christmas tree at my sister's house the christmas, but exclaimed that she wouldn't eat them "until I'm a little older!" One afternoon I picked her up from daycare and told her we had to go home and see Nana because she had a cold and wasn't feeling well. When we walked in the door, Nana was up sitting at the table and Nora says "She looks good" very matter of factly, like "whats the big deal, she doesn't look sick to me!" It was too funny! She peed on the floor at her Gran and Papa's house and then blamed it on the dog- "Garmin just peed a little over there, Gran!" Ha ha!

Lastly, we went to church just before Christmas and there was a reading about the coming of the Lord. She listened intently and then when it was over, looked around and exclaimed loudly "Where is the lord?!"

I cannot wait to spend every day all day with my little genius! It will be here in no time! In the meantime, you can keep up with our antics on instagram! Thanks again for reading and Happy 2016!



  1. I think I need that toddler clock for my 2 year old! Do you have details on it?

  2. Me too! Made me laugh out loud! She is a little genius just like her Mum! XO


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