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February 11, 2016

Nora collecting the neighbour's eggs with Gran and Papa. 
It is already February! Yay! It has been so nice to have some warmer weather and sunshine here in the last week, as well as reaching the 34 week mark tomorrow with Baby Tweedle the second! I have been in "baby turning mode" the last 2 weeks as at my last doctor's appointment I found out that the baby STILL hadn't turned into the head-down position. I sprang into immediate action, googling everything in sight about breech babies and talking obsessively to everyone and anyone I knew who had a breech baby. I was not happy about the idea of the c section and was willing to do almost anything to get the baby to turn. I visited the chiropractor twice, osteopath, spent every evening doing my baby turning exercises and even went to the pool and did handstands in the water! I just found out that IT TURNED! YAY! I had thought it might have, but due to the many odd positions everyone who felt my belly, was feeling the baby in, I wasn't sure until my appointment today. I am so happy! However, it's not 100% sure that it will stay this way, and I go to see an OBGYN next week to confirm and discuss options if it turns back. For now, I can stop poking and prodding at the poor baby all day every day to try and feel where its head is! 

I have been feeling pretty good, although starting to get that heavy feeling I had forgotten about. The second trimester is where it's at... no nausea, lots of energy, feeling good... and then you hit that third trimester and little things like putting on socks and bending over to pick up things off the floor become SUPER uncomfortable. The Kindergarten snowsuits are going to be the death of me!!! Some days I feel like telling them to tuck their own $%&!-ing snow pants into their boots!

Cleaning the windows for me! aka- making a total mess with water streaks and puddles everywhere!  She loves helping me do whatever I am doing all the time- cooking, laundry, bathrooms, sweeping...
Even though her eyes are closed, I still love this picture! My little dress up girl!
A lot of TV, popsicles, juice and cuddles happened while she was sick!
Nora is our happy little monkey who is now talking in full sentences all the time, which somehow seemed to happen overnight. She had a bad bout of strep throat and a high fever that lasted 3 days a few weeks ago, but other than that, she is on the go and the countdown to the baby too! She talks about it all the time now and calls it "that big baby!" because my tummy is in the way of her lap sitting routines these days. I don't think she really gets the difference between brother and sister, and doesn't seem to have a preference or any inclination what sex the baby will be, like the rest of us. I really have no idea at all yet either. We are stuck on names as well. I like so many girls names, but boy names have been a lot harder for us both to come up with. Everyone that sees me thinks I am having a boy, but symptoms and "wive's tales" all point in the direction of a girl, so who knows! We will find out in 6 weeks or so!

Toddler antics in full swing! I came home from work and walked right into this! She was quite happy to clean it up and  had her first real "time out" for this one. Thankfully it hasn't happened since! 
Cupcakes after swimming in our SUNNY, BRIGHT kitchen!
We are slowly plugging away at the organizing and unpacking in our house. It has been nice to have all the baby stuff and not have to research and/or buy everything all over again. However, I am still asking around for tips with baby gear for number 2- anything you mama's loved having for the second? We have decided not to buy a double stroller for now. Nora doesn't really sit in the stroller for long walks anymore. Although that was my favourite thing to do with her when she was a baby, I realize that I'll have to save those long walks for times when Nora is not coming. We can walk easily to the store, park, beach and to get the mail from our house and she can walk most of the way, and if not, hitch a ride on the single stroller somehow. I am hoping this baby will like to be in a carrier or wrap, as Nora didn't. However, I didn't push it too hard being I had no other children around to attend to!

My little pretty girl!- I posted this on instagram this week with a caption-- how am I ever going to give her as much love and attention as I do now, with a new baby around?! 
Report card season is coming up at school and after that, it will be smooth sailing until spring break and baby's arrival! Cross your fingers that baby decides to stay put now that it's turned in the "right" way!


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