Baby Season is here!

March 13, 2016

It has been on my list to update you all for weeks now and I finally had  minute to sit down and write. I have just been trying to coast into the finish of work and the start of spring, finishing up several projects at both school and home. As usual, there is never a dull moment around here and between everything going on, our little monkey continues to get in on all the fun!

I finished work a week ago and it is so nice to put my feet up a little bit and have only family to focus on. I finished a week earlier than I had originally planned, but it was the right thing to do, because getting there every day was becoming a huge chore. Last week, I had 2 uninterrupted days of bliss when Tom was working and Nora was in daycare and I did WHATEVER I WANTED! I actually worked on some hoops, ate my weight in mini eggs and had big naps each day. It was so nice!

The nursery is officially done (pictures to come soon!), down to the diapers in the drawer, the baby is over 38 weeks now and we are ready for it to come. I feel like I really want it out now. It's hard to look after Nora while I'm this pregnant and overall, I feel like a whale, waddling around. I am getting up to pee a lot in the night and my hips are really sore when I try to sleep. Everything is loosening up in the pelvic region so there are lots of aches and pains and moaning and groaning! I am also really out of breath all the time, which is annoying because I go up and down the stairs about a million times a day and each time I have to stand at the top and catch my breath. When I sit down in the chair to read stories to Nora at bedtime, the effort it takes me to give her a bath, get PJs on and tidy up her room, bending over to pick up clothes and towels, etc causes me to pant for a couple of minutes before I can start reading. I hate it!

Since I last wrote, the baby did a couple more somersaults in there, so the last month has been wrought with anxiety and appointments and the unknown of whether it will stay put in the head down position or not. At 36.5 weeks we had an ultrasound which confirmed the baby was finally in the head down position and has stayed there since. Fingers crossed it doesn't flip again. I am now on pins and needles wondering if it's a boy or a girl. The name game has proven to be more difficult this time, especially boy names. We keep changing our minds and names that we liked all along, suddenly I'm not so sure about. I also just can't picture myself with another of either gender. It all seems so daunting having two kids to look after. It's so different waiting for it to come this time, because I know what to expect now. I KNOW how much labour hurts, and I KNOW how hard breastfeeding can be and I KNOW how much it sucks to get up in the night a million times and all of these things seem that much more scary when I'll have Nora around too. I am also more worried about the baby this time because I KNOW how much you end up loving and caring for them and what that feels like this time and it just seems like there is so much more at stake this time around.

I am really glad we waited a little longer between each child though, because Nora gets more and more helpful and independent as the weeks pass. She can now dress herself entirely and like everything, girlfriend is a chip off the old block, she comes to me and asks me if her clothes match before she puts them on... "this is pink, and this is DARK pink, this match, mom?!" She is FINALLY completely potty trained during the day with few accidents, but still wears a diaper to sleep in. She said the funniest thing the other day- she pooped in her little toilet and looked in and said "It looks like a totem pole!" Ahaha! I laughed so hard! So Canadian of her! However, the worst part of her growing up, is that she has pretty well quit her nap. It is was saddest thing in the whole world! She still naps at daycare and at my parents house because they both have cribs for her to be trapped in, but at home, she trashes her room for about 40 mins and then comes out and says she's done napping :) I am still putting her in there in hopes maybe this is just a blip in her sleep habits, but it's been about a month now since she has napped at home. I'm hoping she will at least continue "playing" in her room alone quietly for a while longer.

As I brag about her being more independent, it doesn't come without its challenges either. I DO IT MYSELF has become a common phrase around here, even when she thinks she can cook us a full meal! This is her new favourite thing. She calls herself a "chef"- "I'm a chef!" and whenever we set foot in the kitchen, she gets her stool right away and insists on "helping" with everything. Usually I don't mind, but when patience is wearing thin, sometimes I just want to do it MY OWN SELF! The other night I was making a salad and I just let her have at it too. She stood there and ripped lettuce and "chopped" tomatoes with a play kitchen knife (aka. made a total squishy tomato mess) and dumped the cucumber peels into a bowl she had. She has also gotten really into "getting ready" in the mornings with me and loves to do the same things I do. She pretends to put on the deodorant, blush, lip gloss, lotion, etc. Makeup is not something I would like to encourage her to be interested at such a young age, but I am all about picking battles these days.

I am planning to update you with nursery pics soon and other than that, hopefully the next time you hear from me is to announce the arrival of Baby Tweedle the second!

Here's a little bonnet I knit for baby! 

Playing on our deck in the sunshine! You can see what a mess our muddy yard is though... we plan to plant grass and do a fence this spring. 

Playing doctor is a favourite!

Bathroom break on the way to Cranbrook!

Always up to mischief, this one- lipstick EVERYWHERE!

Me at 37 weeks last week. As you can see, one of us is better at hiding our emotions than the other! ;)

Savouring my lazy morning in bed with my monkey!


  1. Hugs and prayers for the easiest of births and a joyful time with the new one...Lynn

  2. Your kid's very cute :3 So love your blog! Just caught up on some amazing posts!


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