Nora, 3 YEARS OLD!

August 09, 2016

My little Baby Tweedle turned 3 years old on the weekend. I could cry thinking of all the amazing things we have done together over the last three years as well as how many new and exciting adventures we still get to embark on together. She is (one of) the lights of my life and always my little sunshine. I just love her so much, you guys!

Here are 10 awesome things about AGE THREE! (I still can't believe it!)

1. Her growing vocabulary never ceases to amaze me. She comes out with such big words in perfect context all the time, when often she has only heard them once before. She uses words like amazing, terrible, impressed, rather, direction, hilarious, wonderful, promise and awful. I can have real conversations with her all the time and the more she grows up, the more it's like having a best friend around all the time. She even uses similies quite often which is just mind blowing- she said after the towel came out of the dryer "this towel is as warm as a wooly lamb" (!!?!)

2. Her newfound love for board games and puzzles, both favourite pastimes of mine, too! For her birthday, she got several new games and I love that she will sit with me while Juliet naps and play a board game. She is really good at the card game Go Fish, beginning to understand Memory games and is really learning her numbers rolling dice and counting on Snakes and Ladders. Every time I win on a turn she says "good shot!" and if I don't score, she walks around to me and pats me on the back and says "that's ok, mom".

3. Her reading and literacy skills are improving by the minute. She still loves reading books and we take weekly trips to library and bring home a big stack of books each time. We spend a lot of time reading stories together on the couch. It is always my go-to activity when she is tired or cranky. She is getting so good at pointing out letters she knows and already recognizes about a dozen letters.  She even sees letters in abstract objects- She told me that a pretzel makes an 8 or a B and when you bite it off even more, it can be a D.

4. She loves to make crafts which of course, you know, I love too! We do some kind of arts and craft activity every day. Her recent fave is using the glue stick, so I often just cut small shapes out of paper and she will sit and glue them onto a picture for quite a while. She LOVES the show on TV "Mister Maker" where a guy does kids crafts. We get ideas from there and try to recreate them, but really she is happy with her own creations with whatever material I pull out. We made all her own third birthday party decor together which was really fun for me. I cut out cardboard 3's and she painted them and then she painted a big piece of craft paper and after it dried, I cut out a paper bunting banner from it.

5. She makes me laugh so much. She comes out with some hilarious comments on the daily and no matter what is happening, there is always a silver lining and a funny three year old around to put things in perspective. She used the phrase "no worries" with me the other day which made me chuckle and of course, always has funny things to say about Juliet. I tell her I have to drink lots of water to help me make milk for the baby. She chugs water and then says "Mom, I'm trying to get a boob for milk, but I don't have a boob, I only have nipples!"

6. She has such good manners. Yes, one might say it's because Tom and I are just the most polite people ever, but I really think that a lot of it is her personality. I almost never have to remind her to say please and thank you when we are at home, although as with many kids, she gets shy when we're out and about and gets a little stunned in stores, etc. It surprises me every day how often she says Thank you or Thanks, mom. Today I said, would you like to watch a show for a little while and her response was yes, thanks mom. It's just so darn cute.

7. She is still a GREAT eater which makes life so easy. She LOVES fruit and will take it over any treat any day. We go though so many apples every week because we all eat at least one a day. She eats raw veggies, cooked veggies, meat, cheese, you name it.

8. She has started to sort and organize things all the time. This makes me laugh because it is JUST.LIKE.ME. The other night she was stalling before the bath and when I went into her room to see what she was doing, she had every nightie laid out on her floor perfectly and was just looking at them trying to decide which one she was going to wear. I have also walked into to her playing duplo in which she has sorted all the pieces by size or colour all on her own, or lined up every little people guy she has perfectly in a line. It just cracks me up because I have never suggested these activities before.

9. That little brain is constantly firing! We have to be careful what we talk about in front of her now because she remembers such obscure details about things now. She will hold onto a comment we make in passing and keep bringing it up and asking about for days. She is very empathetic and gets sad and cries if she hears about someone getting hurt or mad. She is always thinking about something and will often ask me about a small detail in a book hours after we have read it. She is so good at inferring what is going on in pictures or real life now. Tom and I were commenting on a sign that was newly posted on the lawn of the church next door to our house. She says "I think it might say 'don't drive on that grass'"- totally makes sense- they have just planted grass over there. We were reading once of her favourite Mother Goose books and she studies every picture in great detail and at Rockabye Baby she says "The mice are putting pillows under the baby in the tree because the wind is going to blow and the baby will fall down, so the mice are helping." She says to me "Mom, dogs can't talk." and I said, "No, not in real life" and she answers "no, only in pretend life, right mom?" I think she is just the smartest little three year old around.

10. Even though she is growing up, she is still my baby. I still sing her lullabies and tickle her and pick her up and cuddle her and carry her out of the tub all wrapped up cozy in a towel. I still kiss her cheeks a million times a day and squeeze her and hold her in my lap and don't let her go. It's easy now that Juliet is around to try and make Nora do so many more big kid things, and so she should as she isn't really a baby anymore. But she will always be my baby, my sweet little Nora June. I will never think of her as anything but my beautiful little baby girl.


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