Juliet, 6 Months Old

October 04, 2016

Our Juliet Vera, 6 Months Old already! She is the happiest, most content little chubby-pants that there ever was! Seriously, one could not ask for a baby that was easier to be around. Not to say I wouldn't love her just as much if she was a little terror, but it sure has made our transition to 2 kids a breeze.

I won't bore you with all of the details, but instead I have been making a list of things in my head of things that I never want to forget about my little Juliet at this stage. The second time you realize how fast (Hello - 6 months?!!!!!) time really does fly and how easy it is to pass every day without stopping to really look and enjoy these fleeting stages and moments. I try so hard not to compare her with Nora, but I guess it's only natural to do that all the time. Even though, as you know, I kept a diary of almost every moment in Nora's life for the first year, I have STILL forgotten so much, because really, the first year is SO just the beginning and it always makes me so excited to know that I get to experience all the fun I have with Nora all over again with Juliet.

But at 6 Months, here are the things I LOVE about Juliet:

The way she sucks her thumb and uses her other hand to hold her sucking arm to her mouth. After I nurse her in the evenings before bed, she looks up at me and casually slips her thumb into her mouth and then frantically grasps her arm to hold it in place as if it might fall out if she doesn't.

That giant gummy grin that greets me first thing in the morning and after naps and pretty much whenever I look at her!

The arm rolls, oh, the rolls! Girlfriend has some seriously cute chub, rolls for days! We are JUST now getting a glimpse of her neck which has been hiding behind her 7 chins for the last 6 months! Her arm and leg rolls are really going strong though with no signs of slowing down as she is weighing in at a whopping 19lbs 1oz at my latest appointment.

That proud little smile every time she sits up and the hilarious look of fear when she falls backwards accidentally!

The hungry pant she gets going when she knows its time to nurse. She grabs furiously at me and sinks her little fingernails into the back of my neck. When she finally does latch on, she stops for a minute just to look up and me and smile and then dives happily back in.

The way she watches her sister intently all the time. It makes me so excited to see them play and equally as scared and sad to witness the sister squabbles that are about to commence!

When everyone else is quiet (a rare occurrence) within minutes you can bet Juliet will start up with the babbles and when she gets going, it's really something!

The two handed wave she has mastered in the last week when we try and get her to wave hi and bye. I just love seeing the wheels turn on her face and how excited she gets when she realizes that she has done what we want! It's the first time she has really communicated to us that she gets what we are saying!

The way she shovels food into her mouth! So far she only wants to feed herself and doesn't like food on a spoon!

She loves to be outside and is ALWAYS calm when we're on walks or she is being carried around the yard. If she is overtired, I just walk outside with her and she relaxes instantly.

Her newest "funny face" in which she squints her eyes and frowns while sucking on her bottom lip. We kill ourselves laughing when she makes it and she will even do it on command if the mood is right! We have called her the "little old man" since she was a newborn because so often her resting face looked like a wrinkled little old man with dentures (in a good way!)... this funny face just adds to that nickname even more!

She has the most kissable cheeks and laughs EVERY time I tickle her. She also smiles even through tears when I make a kissing sound in the air and even though she is so easygoing, I know she loves having my undivided attention when I get to play with her without Nora around.

The best thing so far about having a second child is that you get how much better and more exciting things get as time goes on. With Nora I was always sad when she turned another month older because I was scared she was going to grow up too fast. I could never picture the next stage or age. But with Juliet, I know how fun it is to watch them learn to walk and talk and play and how many new and exciting things there is to experience and how much better it gets and how your love for them just continues to grow. I also know that the baby stage actually lasts much longer than a year and I have lots of time left with Juliet, the baby.

She is our little pumpkin, chubbs, stinker, monkey, little blue eyes, happy girl, smiley and Juliet Drooliet! I just can't get enough of those big round blue eyes and giant chubby cheeks!

Happy 6 Months to our little doll.


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