One Whole Year of Juliet!

April 07, 2017

I just spent over an hour reading my old posts and wishing I had been more diligent about writing here. It was such a great family journal and fun documentation of our life when I was doing it more regularly! Maybe I'll pick it up again. Or I'll just post a few times a year when I big milestone happens. I had it in mind that I wanted to write an update on Juliet, one year old, for her baby book, and wasn't even going to post it here because I have neglected the blog so much, but I thought it seemed appropriate to add it into the ol' Miss Tweedle vault.

Our little Juliet. Where do I begin?! Let's start a new birthday tradition of 10 THINGS every birthday!

10 Things About Juliet, 12 Months Old

1. Our little happy girl! It's not a secret that Juliet has been a very content and easygoing baby from very early on. She continues to be such a happy, smiley little thing, but is definitely pretty attached to me and beginning to really make strange a lot. It's hard on everyone else that wants to hold her, but I secretly love that she is my little sidekick and happiest in my arms. What mama wouldn't?!

2. The squeak is currently her favourite noise and the only thing that's a guarantee to make her laugh! She loves it when Nora makes a high pitched squeak sound and then they do it back and forth to each other for a few minutes and she giggles away!

3. Words! She is starting to say a few words and really communicating SO MUCH. She says Mama, Dada, Boo!, Night Night and neigh (for horse). She also understands so much more. We were playing on our deck the other night and I said, "why don't you go to the playground?" and she looked right at it and crawled over. She is doing things like tugging on her feet or patting her head when she hears me say "socks" or "hat" and she knows where her ears, nose, mouth, teeth and eyes are. She can also blow kisses, wave, dance to music and say HI. And surprisingly and thankfully, she responds quite well to the word NO!

4. The eyelash batting is the cutest ever! For a few months now, she makes the funniest little coy look and bats her eyeslashes at us often when she is eating. She points her head down and looks up at us and gives a half smile and blinks her eyes. I DIE!

5. She pushes a chair around but isn't walking yet! I thought maybe she would walk by her birthday, but I think we are still a ways off. She is getting more confident with pushing chairs and cruising on furniture and walls every day, but she rarely lets go to stand on her own, if ever. I try and stand her up and make her balance, but she gets really mad at me and sits down and whines and cries when I try.

6. She is beginning the mischief stage BIGTIME. Current favourites of hers are beelining for the stairs at all times (baby gates are us!), escaping into the bathroom when I forget to close the door and splashing in the toilet water, unrolling the TP and/or eating the TP, opening kitchen drawers and emptying them- namely the oil and vinegar bottle storage drawer and eating the chalk from Nora's art easel!!! And I know it's only going to get worse!!

7. She still loves her SLEEP! We are so thankful for our little sleeper, especially the napping part. She  sleeps through the night (and has on and off since she was about 3 months with a few blips along the way). She also still takes 2 naps per day, an early morning one from about 8:30-10 and a longer afternoon nap from 12:30-3 most days. She loves her blank and needs it for sleep, too. It's actually a pink swaddle blankie I had for Nora and she adopted it as her own and now she JUST loves it. She motions to go in her crib close to nap time just to cuddle her blanket and suck her thumb!

8. She also still loves to eat! She feeds herself every meal and eats just as much as Nora, if not more. She isn't a picky eater at all, which is great. The only thing I have found that she doesn't like and won't eat at all are bananas and recently, tomatoes. She also won't drink regular milk yet, so I am trying different ways to get her drinking it so I can wean her from breastfeeding entirely. She still nurses first thing in the morning and before bed at night.

9. Books! She has just started to really love books and flipping pages. She often sits in front of her the bookcase in her room pulling each one off the shelf one by one and turning the pages and pointing to things. I love watching this so much. We read stories before her naps and it's one of my favourite things. I can't wait until both girls will sit and listen to stories with me on the couch.

10. She is still very much by little baby! This year flew by so fast and I didn't have as much time to sit and stare at her all the time.  However, the good thing is that I never really felt guilty about it. I always felt like I had lots of time with her because I was never afraid of her growing up and changing so fast like I was with Nora. I knew that even after she turned one, she would still be my baby and there were always going to be new and exciting stages around every corner.

I also knew she was getting just as much love, if not more than baby Nora did, because she has 3 people around every day to love on her instead of 2! I felt such a strong connection to her from the moment she was born that was so different than it was when I had Nora. I think that I knew so much more about motherhood and the rollercoaster of emotions and overwhelming love and joy that it started earlier than it did when I had Nora. It's hard to put into words what I am trying to say without sounding weird about it. But the love I have for each of my girls is different and special in it's own way, just like they are. It still makes my eyes well with tears when I think about how lucky I am to have two healthy, beautiful and smart little girls.

What a year with my little Juliet! When I hear the nickname "chubbs" I will always be reminded of those sweet michelin arms and thighs that I could never get enough of and that adorable gummy grin smiling at me! Juliet Vera, I can't wait to write this list a year from now and every year after that and put into words forever all the things I love about you! Happy first birthday to our little doll.


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