Four Years of Nora June

August 24, 2017

My Baby Tweedle turned four at the beginning of August and I am finally writing the post I have been thinking about writing since then! I know this is so cliche and everyone always says this, but she is growing up so fast before my eyes! I cannot even believe we have one more year of her at home and that this time next year she will be off to kindergarten!

As promised, I'm going to write a "10 Things" obout each of the girls on their birthdays, so without further adieu....

1. A day in the life of a four year old Nora looks a little something like this: 7:00 wake up, TV and breakfast until about 8, play/plan the day, 9-11:30 go on an outing to the park, see friends, beach, visit family, etc. 12 lunch, 12:30 Juliet naps and Nora watches TV again until about 1:30, 1:30-3 quiet colouring, puzzles, reading, one on one time with me... 3-4:30/5 more outings, playtime, errands, etc. 5-6 suppertime, 7:00 bedtime and asleep immediately! When school starts again and I am back at work, she will go to school 2 mornings a week and a day home once a week. The other 4 days she will be at home on the same schedule. What a life!

2. Our little crafter continues to be OBSESSED with making things. Her new thing is making people a "list". Like, she had to make a "list" of things Juliet does for the day home to know, and a list of things to pack for camping. Sometimes she makes "lists" which are totally not lists, like a "list" to tell daddy not to leave his coffee cup around the house! "Posters" are also really popular right now too. She makes "posters" all the time which are pictures that she tapes onto things in order to label them. She made a poster of Juliet and put it on the fridge because "Juliet likes food"... Ha Ha!!! It drives me a tad crazy to CONSTANTLY be putting random pieces of paper and scraps away and felts and scissors and glue with no lids and and and..... BUT... really... she comes by it honestly!

3. I don't know if she is smarter than the average child, but I am going with YES, because remember, my blog, my bragging rights? She can recognize almost all the letters in the alphabet and she is starting ask quite frequently what sound they make. At just 4 years old, I feel like that is quite sophisticated, being a Kindergarten teacher and all.... to even make the connections that letters make sounds and words is a huge accomplishment. We play a game where she asks me how to "say" (spell) a word and I sound it out and she guesses the letters. Like, "how do you say Juliet?" and I sound out J-U-L-I-E-T and she guesses. She is getting better and definitely knows about 5-10 letter sounds which is crazy! She knows her numbers too and can almost count to 20. She loves learning and playing around with letters and numbers. If anything, being a teacher I was more relaxed about her knowing these things, because I didn't want to be that mom that was pressuring her before she was ready... so I really give ALL credit to her and her desire to learn it all.

4. And on the lines of being a genius... Nora's memory is out of control! Sometimes in a bad way! Things I hope she forgets, she remembers!! But really. How does she remember the colour of the building on a restaurant we went to when she was 2?! I really don't get it! She comes out with things like that ALL the time and I can't believe it. She completely remembers the most minuscule details about so many things it blows our minds almost daily.

5. She is SUCH a wordsmith who loves to rhyme and play around with sayings. A chip off the old Gammy block ;) Actually, my whole family is very literary, my mom, dad, grandma, me, my auntie.... and we all have a similar sense of clever/witty humour. On the night before Nora's birthday, we said, "See you in the morning!" and without even thinking, she said "NO! See you in the FOUR-ning! Get it?! Because I'll be four in the morning!" WHAT THREE-turning-FOUR year old says this stuff?! Also overheard: "Juliet, give that back you GALL!" Me: "Gall?" and her reply: "Yeah, like a seagull, because she always steals stuff like a seagull." She looovvveessssss rhyming and notices and repeats rhymes everywhere all the time. She will often say things like "Oh yeah! Gotta get my shoes boos on!" Or she will randomly say something like "time for a lime and a dime!" and then laugh hysterically. I LOVE it!

6. She is still super tall for her age and looks like she should be starting Kindergarten. It is both an advantage a pain. It's annoying because people expect more from her behaviour that she is ready for. They see her and think she is 5 or 6 and when she mispronounces words or whines or cries easily, they wonder. But it is an advantage in that she is so tall and strong for her age! She took gymnastics and swimming lessons this spring/summer and both instructors were impressed with her abilities for her age. I think she has really good hand/eye coordination for throwing and catching and kicking (of course comparing her with kids in K that I teach... oops!)

7. Her favourite toys at age 4 are still her "guys" (little people and animal figures). She often sets up elaborate scenes with them around the living room recreating TV shows or stories. She still loves Paw Patrol and Curious George and right now is into Doc McStuffins too. She also plays Duplo a lot, but really prefers crafts and reading to any toys. We have been outside a lot so it's hard for me to even think about what she has been doing around the house this summer.

8. She still loves eating and has a crazy appetite. She surprises me all the time what she can eat. She definitely takes after Tom with her fast metabolism and problem of getting HANGRY suddenly! She is really affected by low blood sugar. I can watch her mood change in an instant. If she is suddenly hungry, she needs to be fed instantly or she will go into complete meltdown mode. Within minutes of eating, she is back to her happy self again. It has taken me 4 years to completely figure this out. I worry about her at school and day care, etc when snack and mealtimes are more set times. She pretty much eats about 5-6 full meals a day and I make sure to feed her things that will fill her up at each one. A typical breakfast is a whole piece of toast, a cup of milk, an egg, and about a cup of fresh fruit. About 1.5-2 hours later she eats a snack which is usually crackers and cheese and more fruit or veg. She will eat a whole sandwich and fresh veg for lunch and then ask for a snack while she watches TV and I give her about another cup or fresh veg, cheese, turkey breast/ham and a cookie or a treat on the side. She eats an afternoon snack at 3 when Juliet gets up and then supper with a few random snacks thrown in too!

9. Watching her become a sister to Juliet over the past year and seeing her finally learn to love and accept her as her little bestie as been awesome. The adjustment of having Juliet around was really tough for Nora and it took a good 6 months for her sleep and tantrums to subside back to a pre-Juliet state. Now, she really really loves her and wants to take care of her and laughs with her and plays with her and it's seriously the best.

10. Of course, I have to mention that she is 4, but she is still my Baby Tweedle. My little baby Nora June. There will always be a special place in my heart for her and I love her differently that I do Juliet (not more... just differently!) I think she one of the most beautiful children I have ever seen. I look at her in wonder as to where she came from and how she got so grown up and where she got her looks and her brains from. She amazes me and teaches me and I am happier and better because she is here. We play this game where she says "I love you" and then I say "No, I love you" and then she says "No, I love you" and we go back and forth and she laughs and laughs!! But really, I love her so much it actually hurts me to think about. The older she gets and the more she mellows out, the more I see our relationship grow and change into a friendship. I hope she always wants to squeeze me around the neck and talk to me for hours and give me butterfly kisses. She will always be my baby, forever and ever.


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  1. what cute pictures!! :) happy birthday to your little girl. enjoy this year, at home, with her!


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