Baby Tweedle

Mr. Tweedle and I were overjoyed to announce that we were expecting a baby on July 30, 2013. I was especially excited that Kate Middleton and I would once again have something in common! Our sweet baby girl- Nora June Niddrie, was born after a long, exhausting and painful labour, a whole week overdue (I went crazy!) on August 6, 2013.

I post weekly updates about all the things Nora and I do together and how she grows and changes each week.

While I was preparing for Nora's arrival, I found baby blogs very helpful. I loved having a glimpse into other mother's lives with their babies and all the tips they offered were very informative. Here is a comprehensive list of all my baby posts in one spot!

Pregnancy Posts
Click here for all my weekly pregnancy updates in one spot

Preparing for Baby
Tweedlebud Megan's How to Make Your Own Maternity Jeans
How to Make Baby Burp Cloths
Pregnancy Tips from Tweedlebud Melissa
My Book Themed Baby Shower
Pregnancy and Baby Book Reviews
Tweedlebud Megan's Top Baby Tips

Nursery Posts
The Nursery Reveal

Throw Pillow Tutorial
Mama Tweedle Recovers our Basinette Bedding
Crib Bedding and Bumper Tutorial
Change Table and Change Pad Covers
How to Make a Window Pelmet Box
Name Embroidery for the Nursery

Helpful Baby Posts
Tweedlebud Kristi's Tips for Travelling with a Baby
Baby Book Ideas

Nora Month 1
Week One- Nora June Niddrie has arrived!
Week Two
Week Three
Week Four

Nora Month 2
Week Five
Week Six
Week Seven
Week Eight

Nora Month 3
Week Nine
Week 10
Week 11
Week 12
Week 13

Nora Month 4
Week 14
Week 15
Week 16
Week 17

Nora Month 5
Week 18
Week 19
Weeks 20 and 21

Nora Month 6
Weeks 22 and 23
Week 24
Week 25
Week 26

Nora Month 7
Week 27
Week 28
Week 29
Week 30

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