Daily Reads


Little Baby Garvin- Jessica and her daughter Harper get up to all kinds of mischief! Jessica writes about life with a toddler, toddler style, home decor and she creates beautiful chalkboard art in her kitchen that she shares frequently.

Life as a Thrifter- Holly is thrifting her way through home decortaing one great re-do at a time. I love seeing her latest finds and what she chooses to do with them. One of my favourite things is that she is always switching up her mantle with new thrift store finds and personal craftiness! 

Pink Peonies- I drool every morning when I see Rachel’s gorgeous outfits. If I could, I would wear everything Rachel does every day. 

The Ivory Lane- Emily is the sister of Rachel from Pink Peonies and she is equally as fashionable. It's fun following the two sisters as they do a lot together and have similar styles!

The Daybook- Sydney’s blog is part style, part mommy blog as she navigates motherhood while maintaining excellent personal style. 

The Pioneer Woman- The first blog I ever followed. Ree cooks up the most delicious, down home cooking you’ve ever tasted and seen. She’s got beautiful step by step photos which make her recipes fool proof. I’ve tried and tested dozens of them and they’re the best!

Tasty Kitchen Blog- A recipe collection of submissions on the web. The blog features 5 daily recipes that are currently trending. 

You are my Fave- Melanie features her fave finds and DIY projects. She has great taste and always comes up with interesting projects and handmade goodies. 

A Lovely Lark- Lauren chronicles her life with 2 girls. She shares a lot of fun mommy stuff that she finds around the web as well as her own thoughts on being a stay at home mom. 

Emily Henderson- Emily is a popular designer who also has a new baby boy named Charlie. Her blog is part parenting and part design. I love her taste and her series called "Trolling Craigslist" is really fun to read!

Jen Loves Kev- Jen and her 2 girls and their personal style, parenting woes and accomplishments and everything that happens in between.

Lay Baby Lay- Joni creates beautiful inspiration boards for nursery and kids room design. I love looking at what she comes up with, right down to paint colours and artwork. She has 2 girls and also writes a bit about their daily life.


Becoming Sarah- Sarah blogs about life as a stay at home mother of two biological girls and one foster child. She’s got strong opinions about things and she ain’t afraid to say it. Her posts have made me laugh, cry, smile and ponder. 

Ruffles ‘n Stuff- Disney and her daughter Paige write a blog about sewing and crafts. Now these girls are creative! Disney’s posts are sweet, girly and fun!

Life as Expats- Remember my friend Melissa? This is her blog. She’s funny. She has a baby boy the same age as Nora. She’s also got lots of stories about teaching and living overseas in Singapore. 

Design, Eat, Repeat- Melissa is the Melissa of Melissa Rose Design Studio- the one that designed my blog! This is her personal blog where she posts about her “80 year old” hobbies. 

Young House Love- Sherry and John are a couple who were able to quit their day jobs and run their blog as their full time business. They’ve renovated 2 houses and blogged about the entire process. These guys are detailed! 

ONCE A MONTH- (or when I feel like it!):

Six Sister’s Stuff- Six sisters have gotten together to compile their family recipes. You can find hundreds of recipes for home cooked food and easy meals on this blog. 

Style Me Pretty- My favourite wedding blog! Style Me Pretty features a wedding a day from around the world. There are always gorgeous photos, great vintage ideas and pretty dresses. 

Something Turquoise- Jen runs a lovely wedding blog with lots of pretty pictures and practical tutorials for creative DIY wedding ideas. 

Tracy Connery Blog- Tracy is a photographer in my hometown and I just love her photos. She shoots lots of weddings and family photos that are always heartwarming. She photographed us for Nora's newborn photos. 

Dibble Photography- Claire was our wedding photographer and a very talented one at that. We were SO impressed by her work. I love looking at all the new things she shoots and posts. 

Kyla Brown Photography- Kyla is a genius when it comes to lighting and photography. Her photos always offer something interesting to look at and a perspective I wouldn’t have thought of. I really like her wedding shoots and the landscapes around Invermere, where I live. 


Aside from reading many blogs, I follow several bloggers, Etsy shops and other Mamas on Instagram. I love instagram because you don't have to devote a lot of time to sitting down and actually reading a post. My instagram feed is a quick check in filled with pretty home decor pictures, baby style ideas, pictures of my friends and relatives doing their daily things and an extra little glimpse into the lives of my favourite bloggers.

Check out the following Instagrammers if you want to beef up your feed with a few fun extras!

@madebygirl - Jen Ramos from the blog Made By Girl
@eating_whole - ideas for healthy recipes
@thecoralpear- etsy shop with cute baby shoes
@purlsoho - knitting projects from my fave knitting blog
@blastgirl - an acquaintance of mine who runs a personal training business
@duchessandlionco - etsy shop with cute baby rompers
@woolandthegang - pretty knitting
@house_of_mia - pretty kids leggings and headbands
@campbrandgoods - a Canadian company with funky "camping" inspired clothing
@littlehipsqueaks - cute kids leggings and clothes
@freshlypicked - leather baby moccasins-- SUPER popular
@geaorgiaandjane - cute baby headbands on etsy
@knottytots - etsy shop for cute leather baby shoes
@laybabylay - Joni from the blog
@alovelylark- Lauren from the blog
@jlgarvin - Jessica from Little Baby Garvin
@emilyjackson - Emily from The Ivory Lane
@rachparcell - Rachel from Pink Peonies
@teammandy- Mandy from the blog that used to be Harper's Happenings- she quit blogging to pursue her full time instagramming!

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